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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Celebrity in TARC penang!

You know, i almost never do this, but this has gotten wayyy too far.

As y'all probably know who  our beloved Japan Guard of tarc penang is, i'd just like to recount my lovely EXPERIENCE WITH HIM TODAY.

let me give y'all a quick recap:

One Rainy evening (31/10/2012) , i went to college for a meeting. I brought my beloved sister along because i had to fetch her to ballet after the meeting, and as it was a rainy day, she was forced to wear slippers because her shoes got wet.

AND, GUESS WHAT? he refused to let her in the college even after hearing our explanation and EVEN AFTER SEEING PROOF OF THE SODDEN BALLERINA FLATS, dismissing it as EXCUSES! HELLO? THE SHOES WERE SODDEN FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

And What's more, is that, he asked me to leave my sister in the car, ALONE ON A DARK STRETCH OF ROAD WITHOUT ANY ROAD LIGHTS! naturally i asked him, are you going to take responsibility for my sister's safety? to which he replied, NONE OF MY BUSINESS!

And he had the nerve to ask me what i was doing trying to get in the college at this hour? and i said that  we had a meeting, and i was just gonna drop off some documents and leave.He then said, OH? SWC DIDN'T INFORM ME THERE WAS A MEETING? SO YOU CANNOT GO IN.
With that, i got pissed and told him, oh, meetings at the school are none of your business either.So i just pulled my sister and proceeded to walk in, and he just grabbed my sister's umbrella! I told him, if you lay a finger on her, i'll sue your pants off, to which he happily replied, oh, im not touching her, im just touching her umbrella! and my poor umbrella ended up like this!

I told him that he had broken my umbrella and he quickly let go, and i told him i was gonna report it to the authorities, and he said that students at the college were RUBBISH! DAMN HAUGHTY! RICH AND SPOILED!  no common sense and what also want to complain !(forgive the grammar, word for word translation).
I just ignored him and walked away.

P/s : we were both wearing long jeans and t shirts, so none of that," not dressed appropriately" crap

WHAT I'm really trying to say here. is that. This shouldn't be happening. It's an obvious case of misuse of power, bullying and violence.(LOL, not to say that i can't defend myself.) 

But we should voice out, right? Imma start a petition to get him replaced. WHO'S WITH ME?

UPDATE (1/11/2012)
Here's a picture of him, take a look at the comments and share's and you'll see what im talking about. I'm not alone, it seems :)
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