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Saturday, June 15, 2013


So i finally, finally managed to get my blog looking the way i want it to! After weeks of struggling with HTML & CSS codes.. i proudly present..*drumroll*.. my pretty blog template!! 

I'm not a programming student.. so.. take it easy on me k? I know the drop down menu looks very "tak glam" but then.. I'm working on it :) 

So it's been a pretty productive month so far..2 weeks into june already(time really flies).. 
I've gotten all my midterm results and I can't say i'm not happy..😛 
So a brief summary on what i've been up to :- 
⁓ ⁙ ⁓

1. 2nd June 2013 - Generation Beauty Talk @ Cititel Penang
So after the registration , we each received a welcome pack, consisting of : 
Spade's Burger (Porky Pair)

Mivva Beauty Box Brochure
and mineral water, but then.. no need for pictures i think ? :p
So the event starts with an introduction of the bloggers and makeup artists, 
mainly : - 
 then the make-tutorial session : -

Christer demo-ing 'sweet look' and eyelashes application technique on Povy

Venice Min was the model for Shading & Contouring technique session by Maggie Mah

Jane Chuck - Brow & Lips tutorial by the makeup gurus 

Inglot Goodie Bag

Bloggers,Emcee & Makeup Artists :)
Photo Booth picture :) by Funzzy Booth
⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰
2. 5 June 2013 - Late Lunch With Boyfie @ Chef's Delights Western Food

The Menu.

Sirloin Steak - RM 18.50
Fried Rice - RM4.80

It's located near Pulau tikus Pasar..  try out the fried rice, it's really good :) 
┅┅┅ ⍟ ┅┅┅
3. June 10 2013 - Ghost Movie w/Babes

Honestly i forgot the title of the movie, i just know it's a thai movie, and it has numbers.. probably because it sucked? ._.

Anyways.i still enjoy hanging out with my babes..
the only picture of the day ..

Legs Up like a Boss! 

╶ ▫ ▪ ▧ ▪ ▫ ╶
4. June 11 2013 - Recording/Practice Session
So the 'girlfriends' will be performing @ Hard Rock Hotel on the 26th of June (time not confirmed).. so we had a practice session. without the main singer.. ._.

our 'pro' gear :p
So.. Meet the "girlfriends"

Rickho- she's the lead singer (picture credits to number nine studio) 
Jxhia & myself - the "kelefe" singers :p

Other pics of band members coming soon :p

So that's it for now.. 

Till next time :)

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