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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Midweek Haul

Hey y'all! How's July turning out? :)
My week was pretty bad, but hope things will get better soon. 

So.. I went to gurney with Babe Jxhia today after class..

We both look like we haven't slept in years! 
Picked up a monochrome skirt from miucious.

ps : they have really pretty & affordable clothes,check them out!

Nail polish from INGLOT .. 

colour 315 - Can't wait try it out soon, after I've removed my gel manicure. 
and since matte nails seem to be trending.. i got a matte top coat ;)

Also, bought a new swimsuit for my weekend trip to KL :)

Were you expecting photos of me in a bikini? :p
Sorry! no can do. heheh
Maybe if you stalk my Instagram(@gilly214) this weekend, you might see it?
your choice! 

Till then, Stay tuned!

Lotsa Love,
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