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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Despicable Me 2

The minions are baaack! :D
Beedo! Beedo!

So i watched TGV's "pick of the week" movie yesterday night , and guess what?!
It was Despicable ME 2!!!
Yeah i know it's not released yet, but we were lucky enough to get tickets before it was all sold out! :D

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Mugshot Cafe • Popcorn's Debut Performance!

So I've been hearing about this cafe for some time, so last night sis & I decided to drop by and give it a try :) 
I had a little trouble finding the cafe though :( 
But thanks to a few tips on foursquare,which pointed out it was right beside rainforest bakery, we finally found it. heheh. Btw an extra tip for locals, it's just opposite the night-time curry mee stall.

I forgot to bring my camera.. so .. sorry for the bad quality pics.. 

The Menu

Kiwi & Honey Yoghurt
RM 10

Sis having Walnuts & Raisins Yoghurt

Cream Cheese Bagel(Background) - RM 5
Bacon & Egg( Foreground) - RM10

Bacon & Egg :)

The Bagel's were really delicious! Heated up in a traditional wood oven before they were served. 

Sis said the hot chocolate was really good too :p
( a little over priced though :( )

Senget Mugshots :p 

The Mugshot Cafe
302, Chulia Street ,Georgetown ,MY.
012-405 6276

From left : Yun Fang, Me, Rickho, Jxhia, Carmen, Steven.

Group Shot with the president of Mass Comm Club - Jeryl Bee :)

I know you're probably thinking.. WHY POPCORN?!

I'm sorry to disappoint but.. I have no idea?

Anyway.. we had our first performance during the Hard Rock T-shirt design contest organized by the mass comm club.. Will link the video as soon as.. anyone..uploads it ? :) 

As always, selca :p

The Girls <3
(and one manly girl) :D

With Love , 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Club Asahi: Miami


So I just got back from Club Asahi: Miami @ Soju Room..

A short introduction about Club Asahi : 
To celebrate the presence of Asahi Super Dry in Malaysia , Carlsberg Malaysia and Asahi Super dry have created the latest party series in town : Club Asahi. The first installment (Club Asahi : Tokyo) was held in Butter Club Factory, Kuala Lumpur back in October 2012. 

Now this time round it's the second installment , based on Miami, held at soju room, Penang today . (21st June 2013).
Upon arrival we had our photo taken at the photo wall , then we were ushered along the red carpet .. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking .. :)

My media pass/ name tag

Picture with one of the hot asahi girls at another photo wall before entering the club

Photos of party peeps coming up : 

With MHB hotties : Carmen, Jxhia, Fione and Shelyn

From Left : Tim and Henrik, the newly appointed Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

Picture credits to Andy KHO 

JxhiaFione :)
With Shelyn 
Pic Credits :  Jxhia

A little tipsy from the Asahi Super Dry(free flow) :p

Performances By Miami’s top DJ: DJ Hendrix, Max Koo & Justin :

We left early at about 1am. Before leaving
 I was pretty sad to know that  DJ Kryoman performed after that. But never mind, there's always a next time. 

Anyway, a big hug & a kiss to jxhia for bringing me as her +1 that night.

random selca before heading to bed
btw, it's my first time trying out red lipstick. (MAC-Such Flare)

Lace Dress from Singapore
Strappy Heels from Kelv
Clutch from Victoria's Secret(not in this picture)

Till Next Time :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013


So i finally, finally managed to get my blog looking the way i want it to! After weeks of struggling with HTML & CSS codes.. i proudly present..*drumroll*.. my pretty blog template!! 

I'm not a programming student.. so.. take it easy on me k? I know the drop down menu looks very "tak glam" but then.. I'm working on it :) 

So it's been a pretty productive month so far..2 weeks into june already(time really flies).. 
I've gotten all my midterm results and I can't say i'm not happy..😛 
So a brief summary on what i've been up to :- 
⁓ ⁙ ⁓

1. 2nd June 2013 - Generation Beauty Talk @ Cititel Penang
So after the registration , we each received a welcome pack, consisting of : 
Spade's Burger (Porky Pair)

Mivva Beauty Box Brochure
and mineral water, but then.. no need for pictures i think ? :p
So the event starts with an introduction of the bloggers and makeup artists, 
mainly : - 
 then the make-tutorial session : -

Christer demo-ing 'sweet look' and eyelashes application technique on Povy

Venice Min was the model for Shading & Contouring technique session by Maggie Mah

Jane Chuck - Brow & Lips tutorial by the makeup gurus 

Inglot Goodie Bag

Bloggers,Emcee & Makeup Artists :)
Photo Booth picture :) by Funzzy Booth
⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰ ⋱ ⋰
2. 5 June 2013 - Late Lunch With Boyfie @ Chef's Delights Western Food

The Menu.

Sirloin Steak - RM 18.50
Fried Rice - RM4.80

It's located near Pulau tikus Pasar..  try out the fried rice, it's really good :) 
┅┅┅ ⍟ ┅┅┅
3. June 10 2013 - Ghost Movie w/Babes

Honestly i forgot the title of the movie, i just know it's a thai movie, and it has numbers.. probably because it sucked? ._.

Anyways.i still enjoy hanging out with my babes..
the only picture of the day ..

Legs Up like a Boss! 

╶ ▫ ▪ ▧ ▪ ▫ ╶
4. June 11 2013 - Recording/Practice Session
So the 'girlfriends' will be performing @ Hard Rock Hotel on the 26th of June (time not confirmed).. so we had a practice session. without the main singer.. ._.

our 'pro' gear :p
So.. Meet the "girlfriends"

Rickho- she's the lead singer (picture credits to number nine studio) 
Jxhia & myself - the "kelefe" singers :p

Other pics of band members coming soon :p

So that's it for now.. 

Till next time :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Favorites

Time really flies.. in the blink of an eye it's the start of the summer season!! (anyway it's summer all year round in Malaysia..) But then.. New Season = New Trends = New Clothes! damn i sound bimbotic.

So... to celebrate the revival of my blog.. Thanks to a certain beautiful college mate who renewed my interest in blogging.*coughs* .yes yes it's jxhia .

I'll be doing a monthly favorites post!


First Up : Makeup 


MAC Sheertone Powder Blush in Gingerly

I'm not really a girly girl, so not really a big fan of pink cheeks. but then.. this blush is perfect for a natural look, with/without eye makeup. That definitely works for me.

reasons i ❤  : It's matte(no shimmer) and gives my skin a sun kissed glow.It's also pretty long lasting too!

MAC select moisture cover (NW 25)

I chose a pink toned concealer because it would cover under eye dark circles better, i tend to have pretty bad issues with "panda eyes"

reasons i ❤  : 'Just right' consistency - not too thick/thin , and it looks great

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

 I tried this at the makeup counter and it went straight in my shopping bag. The effect was amaze-balls(my new favorite

reasons i ❤  : Gives me long & perky(if i want) lashes, build-able 


Dior Addict Lipstick in 465 - Singulere

It's actually very sheer & versatile, contrary to what it looks like in the tube.
 Just enough to add a little colour to your lips. 

reasons i ❤  : It's not too glossy/shimmery, super soft, creamy and moisturizing, suitable for everyday use.

Dior Addict Gloss in 553 - Princess

True to it's name, it's shimmery but not too overwhelming.

reasons i ❤  : Feels very comforting and instantly soothes lips, effortlessly conceals lip flaws


Next we have.. Favorite Restaurant (it feels like i'm announcing awards here lol)

So during my singapore trip last week, Le boyfie , sister and I stumbled across this yummylicious japanese restaurant - Yayoiken at Bugis +.

Super 'Chio' ordering system, controlled with iPhones & iPads


Boyfie's Mix Toji Set
Includes Free Flow Rice

Sister's Tori Karage Set
"Awesome-st Chicken Ever"

Mine - Oyako Don + Zaru Udon
Shiratama Zenzai
Red Bean Soup + Rice Balls
The only thing i didn't really like was that the cold green tea was a little pricey and non- refillable. Other than that the food was good + the customer service was great.

Rating : 8.5 / 10


Oh yeah.. Not forgetting another of my new favorite..uhh..lets just categorize it under gadget, shall we?

Which brings us to..

Tadahhh! My new camera! 
It's a Sony NEX-3N.. 
Really, a lot of bloggers swear by it so I decided to give it a shot.. Heh. 
and also..Since it was on sale.*sheepish smile*

reasons i ❤  : it's light, but still gives me great quality picture, awesome low light performance, rotating screen for selcas (same like the other NEX-3 models) 

So.. that's it! i hope you guys won't find this boring.. 

Till next time. xoxo

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