Project Occupy Beach Street

by - 2/01/2014 09:50:00 PM

Hey guys! Hope y'all had an awesome weekend! I, for one spent my Sunday exploring beach street along with Shelyn & other bloggers.Thanks to JJ Jason and MY SUPER VIP for the invites. Every Sunday, Beach Street is made inaccessible to cars to promote environmental friendly activities such as cycling & walking.  of course they're not the only options but.. oh well.

So in conjunction with chinese new year, this particular "car-free day" (as it's known to us penangites ) was expanded to include more activites at "Project Occupy Beach Street" event. (unfortunately my lovely NEX-3N was in the hospital so most of the pictures are taken by my iPhone or credited to JJ & shelyn's new NEX- 5T.

As it's the horse year, there were real live horses on parade from the Penang Turf Club.

There were various other booths selling handicrafts, plants, food & drinks(of course! what's an outdoor festival without one) and other miscellaneous stuff.. 

But none of those were as eye-opening as this ... 
Knife massage!
Looks pretty scary eh..
But it's said to have a lot of great healing properties & don't worry, they're trained to apply just the right amount of pressure as not to break your skin..
Next, we headed to the My Super VIP booth!

Awesomely cute mascot.. pity we didn't get to bring it home :/
Next, me & shelyn teamed up to compete in a mini game where we had to spell out names with teeny tiny macaroni!

Unfortunately we didn't win.. so we only got to draw once! :(

Trying our hand at a lucky draw..
Got a lollipop while shelyn got a cake voucher T.T
While we were at it, the CM passed by in a horse chariot.

We also got to sign up for my MYSUPERVIP member cards!

In case you were wondering about the benefits of this card..

Do visit for more info!


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