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Thursday, May 8, 2014 - For lazy bums like me

I guess it's not uncommon to be plagued by decisions on what to have for breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks, dinner etc. etc... Well in my case, by the time I reach a decision (alone or with friends) it'd be too time consuming to head out.. or well.. just plain lazy to head out.

Don't worry.. let FoodPanda come to the rescue!

Open up your browser, type in and you'll be greeted with images of tantalizing food choices you can pick from . The best part? yeah you don't have to head out, and some restaurants won't charge a delivery fee!

I know what you're thinking... Does it mean that there's only fast food available? Well... no! In some areas , you can even have Japanese cuisine, (yay sushi!) Indian, or even chinese food.

So i guess you're pretty eager to know how this works right?
You have two options :

  1.  Download the Foodpanda app on the App Store/Google Play
  2. Browse & order from
For option 1 ,

Step 1 : Start by downloading the app on your phone
Step 2 : Fill in the required details 

Step 3 : Choose a restaurant, pick your meal & you're ready to go !

The same goes for option 2 (ordering on foodpanda's website) , 

Step 1: go to Foodpanda's Website

Step 2:  Choose your restaurant

Step 3 : Choose your meal & place it in the cart

Step 4 : Check out & wait for your meal to be delivered!

After ordering , you'll receive a confirmation email and an sms telling you what time your food will be delivered. 

See? Simple! Food delivery service has never been made easier! Do try it out sometime!

Foodpanda operates from 11am-11pm.
Facebook Page :

Phone : +60327727268
Webpage :

Enjoying my meal, 
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