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Monday, November 17, 2014

When Coffee Meets Selfie

Hey peeps!
My instagram post this afternoon seemed to have piqued many's interest in this place so .. Just a quick update about a new cafe in town which I visited today with my sis - #SelfieCoffee .
Sat round the back cuz the seats in front were all taken! So excuse the ugly background in my photo :/

In case you were wondering how we found out about this - We stumbled across their facebook page( AH , the power of social media .) and apparently they've just been open for two days- but the place was pretty packed already ! 

But back to the main point - Pretty sure you guys are really curious on how our faces are on the coffee right?
#selfiecoffee priced at RM13
no idea why it turned out greenish tho.. Face problem 
Basically, it's coffee foam print art. They have a little corner with a phone for you to 'selfie' with -(Meitu phone with built in beautifying functions - I'm sure you girls will be happy to hear! ) 
And that's where your part ends! Sit back & relax while they resize the photo & print it out on top of the foam. Apparently they use the same concept as cake printing systems. Your selfie is sprinkled on top of the foam with cocoa powder - so it's completely edible, no worries heh
This girl is happy i brought her cafe hopping :P

A little side note on the taste - The foam is super duper thick, but understandable, of course. They need it as a base for the 'selfie'. Like all foam.. It disappears after awhile so grab your pics while you can .. Or you can just drink your own face/faces if you like! Haha
Also ordered their Iced Caramel Macchiato - RM 10.90
Initially wanted Green tea but they ran out :/
Can't really taste much of the coffee - My sister likes it tho! 
They also serve bread, cakes and pastries as well ! And before we left , only I realised that they provided (marker pens?) for you to doodle on the tables. 

They just right next to Love&latte in love lane
It's pretty cool for a one time visit - the coffee is really too milky for my taste. They do serve chocolate & mocha based "selfie coffee" . So give it a try and let me know what you think!

For more info ,
Address : 88, Love Lane, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Facebook Page : Selfie Coffee Penang

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