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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Page 365.

Back when I occasionally updated my blog.. I used to start of my posts with.. "oh how time flies" - a little funny to look at.And now it just hits me .. this is the end of another year ; and it feels so overwhelming all of a sudden. Time really flies, it does.

It almost feels like a moment ago I was posting this on instagram, and now its the last day . Damn, really.
On a personal scale..this has been an "eventful" year with crazy road trips , cafe hops.. looking back, it did start out pretty boring.  I can't say my life has changed much because i might not be aware of it . I have a really short term memory - hahah.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Bitten by the Travel Bug : KL | Milkcow

A continuation of our post-malacca journey - click here to read :)

Ahh.. the city where the haze chokes you in the morning and the lights blind you at night.
Can't tell you how good it feels(or felt,more like) to be back here again .

We stayed at grid 9 again - and this time we took the 'la familia' room which came with three single beds.
what girls do best - selfie! ;)
After chilling at the common area for a bit , we decided to head out for dinner!
here is lazy me :p I love the beanbags! gonna get em for my new place.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bitten By the Travel Bug : Malacca

Heyyylooo peeps ;) Greetings from Malacca - currently drafting this post in my hotel room heheh.

Road Trip again! But this time with Jolene & my sister Anfanny. I can't say we weren't excited ... heheh . The whole journey took us about.. 5 hours (I think) - which was considered fairly quick .. it was tiring but I made it - so proud of myself haha jk >; But as I told ZP .. I really believe I can drive to Johor or even Singapore after this :p

This is actually my second time in Malacca - but the first was around 8 years back w/my parents. I don't really think it's changed much . Seems the same as I remembered ? With the additions of cafes & more malls I think - but I was really young ;P
okay, one photo. Just one . - October 2006 .
That's my aunt in the middle ; and allow a little self praise - my sis has really grown up to be a beauty :3
So, I picked this hotel that seemed really nicely furnished - I can't say I regret my choice, the pillows are really fluffy & the bed is so comfy - Swiss Heritage Hotel Melaka.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Monroe Cafe & Lounge Soft Launch

Marilyn Monroe - the famous american actress, model & singer who is still an icon & inspiration to many even after her demise. I was given the opportunity to attend the soft launch of Monroe Cafe & Lounge - a combination of a restaurant ,  cafe, lounge & cocktail bar.
It's housed in 1926 Heritage Hotel, just along Burmah Road.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dear Santa

Felt like updating a little on some of my wishes for christmas . so here goes ..

This year for christmas I'd like ...

1. Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag
I have an obsession with bucket bags. And i've been eyeing this it 'bag of the year' for quite some time now. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when i found out they'd sold out 2 hours after the restock. sigh..

Again, an obsession with rose gold. Though I've heard a lot of good stuff about this product , I've never been able to justify this purchase for myself, because i don't think i'll ever have the heart to use them !

Again with my rose gold :p . Sigh, been eyeing these for the longest time ever, so this is my most-craved for pressie. Love the simplistic design & the interchangeable straps. Santa, won't you grant my wish please? :(

Heh. You're probably wondering .. where your double c , where your Cartier wishes at ? Well, lets just say.. with low expectations you're happier :p . 
hahahaha just kidding. Ultimately.. I just wanna spend christmas somewhere where it's snowing. (proposed by Rickho :p ) but yes. the weather here is just.. TOO HOT . 

More soon . I'm planning my road trip to malacca. Any cafe recommendations? 


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jumping from 10,000 feet


Okay, here goes. I just put myself in the running to win a skydiving(Tandem jump) experience worth RM3000 ; happening on 17 January 2015.  Totally having a what have I done moment here - 10,000 feet is 6 times of KLCC!

It actually was pretty simple. All I had to do was imagine myself falling from the plane, scruch(or not) my face up into the most realistic jump face ever, upload it and voila , here i am - my jump face . You can , too!  Just visit this page - . Remember to get your friends to vote for you (But please don't vote for me , I'm begging you. Honestly, Really. I'm just supporting the campaign.)  

Heart Wants What it Wants

"The heart wants what it wants , even that which is worst for it. "

Don't remember where I heard this line. But recently, recently . I've come across this blog post by a girl named Kira - and this line stuck with me, and I just felt the need to reblog this. 

"Stop pretending that your fears are about love. Stop creating drama that isn’t there, relationships that don’t exist and stories in your head about what you think the relationship is, instead of what it really is."

Those that're close will know why I'm saying this. But it's not for myself, no.

Honestly though, the bad thing about giving in to your heart is that it blinds you from seeing what you really deserve. Sometimes we let go of some really good relationships, because they are not what we want them to be. But all they need is a chance. 

Now, for some positivity. I did my first piano cover - and yes. It's 'The Heart Wants What it Wants" by Selena Gomez. Forgive me for some mistakes and stuff . Was a little jittery :/ . Check it out? :D
Many Thanks for reading!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Peace of Mind

[Sponsored Review]
Finally! gone are the days where people will often stare at the phone in my hand , and some will even boldly ask.. "what in the world happened?!"

Hahahah well.. now you'll know . One fine day at work - I decided to charge my phone on a wall plug and somehow it slipped and fell from the piano top . And when i picked it up..

Yeah. It's been a few months, but I finally got a new iPhone. :) 
I got myself a transparent casing, just to prevent history repeating itself .. but gahh somehow during my sleep i managed to end up with this . 
No harm done to the phone though *breathes sigh of relief*
So i really can't stress the importance of having a good casing. Thankfully , i managed to get my hands on this casing from Otterbox.
It's part of the symmetry series which boasts military-rated drop protection without compromising on stylishness ;)
Okay, there's someone beside me who's begging for a drop test

Friday, December 5, 2014

New Love : Bricklin Bar Cafe

No.. I didn't change partners hahah.

I'm talking about the new kid on the block - Bricklin Bar Cafe . Nestled in the famous art space - Hin Bus Depot, this place isn't yet fully open (a cocktail bar & food is in the works) , but.. I love it!

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