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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bitten by The Travel Bug : Road Trip to Cameron Highlands

Pretty sure you guys would've noticed from my Instagram updates that I was in Cameron highlands three days back. :p 
I think we're all upping our game in this birthday surprise thing. This time, we 'kidnapped' fang straight after our thursday class ended and I drove us straight up to cameron highlands. ahhaha  Of course, we wouldn't have been able to do it without her sister's help - she packed some stuff for her & I picked up before class.

So the evil rickho & szeker decided to fake out a fight to upset fang so she would be distracted until it was too late to turn back - which worked out perfectly! Initially I wanted to video her reaction when they told her where we were going, but I couldn't take out my camera in time and it was raining pretty heavily so I had to keep my full attention on the road :(
But anyways, the two lil actresses deserve an oscar(myself excluded because i kept bursting out laughing but that's very normal behaviour coming from me) because fang didn't suspect a thing!

As usual we stopped in Ipoh for chicken rice , lou wong because ong kee wasn't open again :/ sigh.

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