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Friday, July 31, 2015

#UsTheDuo : Live in Malaysia

Hewo peeps!

For those who have access to my (plethora of) social media accounts would instantly know .. I was at Us The Duo's showcase held sometime in May :D !

After a quick bite at the curve, we made our way inside the Bentley Music Auditorium . Of course, not forgetting my giveaway winners first .. :p

The amount of people there were overwhelming, and the excitement was contagious .

Shoutout to Universal Music Malaysia & Tap by Seeties for securing me VIP tickets .. because I got to see the action up close ! :D

Monday, July 27, 2015

Movie Review : Paper Towns

Hmmm..Haven't done one of these in a while.

Last Tuesday , I won a pair of tickets to a #NNPremiereScreening (NN= Nuffnang , if you don't already know ). Instantly entered because wanted to watch the movie(of course) , I love all of John Green's books.

So , right after work & dinner, le bf got us both to Paradigm Mall where I went to redeem our passes!
A photo posted by Nuffnang Malaysia (@nuffnangmy) on
And grabbed some in-movie snacks. Oh, I should mention . The crowd was crazy  , and we didn't really get good seats even tho we think we were there pretty early , the lines were quite long, too ! So, note to self, GET THERE EARLIER! :p

It didn't stop us from enjoying the movie , though, & Spoilers up ahead! You guys might be glad to know that Paper Towns is not the tear-inducing book/movie “The Fault in Our Stars,” was.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Review : Urban Retreat Spa @ 1 Mont Kiara

Hewo peeps! It's been a rather hectic week , with long road trips (don't even get me started on the raya jams!), and I was feeling rather off and cranky today, possibly due to work stress & a pinched nerve since last week. So, I decided that I needed a massage , and a really good one. 

I jumped on Google & did some research, and clicked on the first thing I came across - this list on foursquare.
Bored and a little desperate, I went through a few and finally decided on one closer to home - Urban Retreat at 1 Mont Kiara mall. The positive feedback on foursquare made me perk up a little( especially one from Tammy, founder of the butterfly project! If there's someone who knows her stuff about beauty,it's definitely her!) and a 4.4 out of 5 from 60 reviews on FB? That's a really good score !

So, mind all made up, I called them to enquire.  They recommended that I try out the deep tissue massage after i explained what I was looking for ;  and to reap the full benefits, i went for the 90 minute session for RM169. Secured myself a 6pm slot , and off I went!  Took advantage of a free ride from #ubericecream codes yesterday, too! :p (all in the name of self-pampering *insert princess emoji*)

I was pretty excited because I could finally relieve myself of the discomfort that the dreaded pinched nerve was putting me through.  Their outlet was easy to find because I spend quite a lot of time in 1MK mall, heh. It's right beside Thai Odyssey.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

#CafeHopKL : I am 80's Cafe

Hi peeps,

How many of you here are born in the roaring eighties?

Not me, but I had the pleasure of attending a food review along with a few other bloggers in a cafe that offered me some interesting insight to that era.

It's not in an area that I'm familiar with - SS4, but there's a rather interesting story behind the location. TK Dong, owner of the cafe told us that while he was driving in heavy rain, he came across this place that was still easily discernible .. that's why he decided on this shoplot. Ample parking space, guaranteed because not many shops are occupied yet.

At first sight, the cafe may seem a little small.. 

but there's more space in the basement !

As you pass the stairwell , you'll see an abundance of decorative items from old times. 
The basement is definitely more spacious compared to the top floor, suitable for gamily gatherings or events .
Colourful decorative pieces adorn the wall .

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Vika Nail Tea Party

Hewo peeps!

I consider myself a pretty low-maintenance girl, and I've always been a fan of gel manicures - they're quick, they're practically bulletproof, and the shiny, glossy color won't budge for at least two weeks (heck, my gel manis have lasted me a month or two in the past! )  The only thing is, with work and all, I've never had time to get my regular mani/pedi sesh:(

But.. VIKA is here to help ! Founded in Korea, fairly new in Malaysia, VIKA's nail jam(s) are basically gel stickers which you can use to DIY your very own gel manicure! It's so easy even guys can do it ( you'll see why I say that later *smirks* ). Boasting various styles ranging from loud & bright colors, to demure girly designs , changing your manicure designs could very well be as simple as changing clothes in the future :p

Special thanks to TAP by seeties & VIKA for having me at the nail tea party held last weekend.

Each blogger was given a gel nail kit -
which consisted of a mini LED Lamp , Nail Tonic , Gel Nail Coat & Cleansing Wipe
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