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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Flawless Within Minutes

Hi peeps :)

I'm pretty sure all you girls out there are no strangers to waxing.. yes? I've always been a loyal customer to my waxing parlour .. but the thing is .. it's such a long break in between treatments (as the hair has to be at least 6mm long) and I can't wear sleeveless tops ! Woes of being a lady , indeed. There are tons of hair removal options available to us , from D.I.Y. shaving,  epilation to more professionally done waxing and IPL, each requiring a certain level of pain tolerance.

 That being said,  I was recently invited over to eternel to review their DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) Permanent hair removal treatment . Eternel is currently the first clinic in KL to have this technology .

Just a little background on DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) to see what makes it so special :

DPC is also a form of light therapy , which helps reduce up to 90% of hair on the treatment part. Unlike general laser treatments , DPC offers three pulse configurations in one system: Smooth Pulse, Long Pulse and High Pulse , offering customisable configurations according to one's skin, guaranteeing the best results which IPL(Intense pulsed light) technology cannot fully overcome. In a nutshell, DPC hair removal is a clean and relatively painless treatment. 
The benefits?
  • Provides a semi-permanent hair reduction solution
  • Lightens pigmentation such as the pesky dark patches on your underarms
  • Helps to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hair substantially
  • Can be used on almost any area of the body: legs, bikini line, back, underarms, arms, upper lips and etc
  • Safe and painless (fast, too. ) 
Walk-through : 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review : 5-step Deep Layer Treatment @IMP Salon

Hi peeps !

I've been (trying to) grow out my hair , it's currently almost halfway past my waist, hip-hip hurrah, but it's common knowledge that hair needs some maintenance to make it look all pretty and retain its shine, yes? Well.. with Malaysia's scorching hot sun & long hours in air conditioned rooms, my hair isn't exactly in tip top shape and desperately needed some love.. so I was really pleased to be invited to try Molto Bene's latest hair treatment called "Deep Layer-  5 step system". In short, it helps lock and retain hydration inside and outside of your hair.

The aim of this treatment is to effectively give moisture to highly damaged hair to repair both the inner & outer hair components, with a final water-repellent coat on the surface . Coloring or perming , and in short, chemical treatments can damage our hair pretty badly , and this Deep layer system aims to carefully repair this with salon use products, and paired with home care leads to strong beautiful hair .

A quick crash course on the product, further explained to me by Eddy during my treatment in the salon : 

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