Kindness Kills : The Aftermath

by - 11/29/2015 09:27:00 PM

There are two sides to every story and as some of you are aware, a certain story that has been ongoing with myself and a particular individual affiliated with is about dishonesty. (Link to story) 

It's no secret that he's been speaking to other individuals, giving his own version of accounts as a few parties have approached me (I quote Miss V :"Helping a friend worth helping") on the matter. His narration or description of events may not be accurate, so do allow me to clarify; and as much as he'd like to give an account of his side of the story, I have every right and reason to believe that I'm not the only one he has done this to.

Allegedly, it has been revealed to me that Person A has worked together with him before, for some time prior to this and according to her narration of accounts, she's also had to fork out huge sums of money to "help" pay for his expenses such as trips, accommodation, F&B, phone bills, clubbing etc.

Also, certain parties have approached me about how he used to/are still harassing them/their girlfriends and how he's always adamantly insisting that he's not at fault for his wrongdoings, which certainly says a lot about said person's character.

I've had people asking , why make mountains out of molehills when it's just a monetary issue? Well, it's not just that you see.. It's also about morales and general respect for other people. All along, this issue has been about keeping promises, setting expectations & meeting them, as well as having a sense of responsibility. Speaking of the accreditation part.. I'm sure all bloggers/content creators out there share my pain. There are people who plagiarise and then move on to take credit for what others have painstakingly put together.

 I refuse to let him twist my words and make it seem as if I'm looking down on his ability to pay (see : "U think I can't afford to pay U" ) nor will I allow him to use this opportunity to "flaunt his riches", take credit for what others have done(as he makes it seem that his whole site is put together by him) or reassure others that he will adhere to his promises from now on.  It's just how his past actions and how he has used other people prior to meeting me that has made me realize how much people out there might've suffered because of him.

Therefore, please be fore-warned of this individual.


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