Kindness Kills .

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Let me begin by clarifying this : I truly advocate keeping one's private life private.. but sometimes.. I think being too kind in life makes one a pushover. Or.. at least, makes other people think that you are. To prevent further untoward incidents happening to other poor girls, I've decided to share this ..

Update : 27/11 11:21PM

Attaching proof of his "invitation" .

I would also have to clarify that he "owns" the website, but it is not a legally registered company.

Anyways I'm gonna keep this as factual and short as possible , mainly because he doesn't deserve my effort in typing so much .. here goes :

Remember when I mentioned that I went to Ultra Japan? For some of you who had read my post earlier(pre-edit) , it included a mention that it was a collaboration between myself and, and a link to an article that I had wrote for the site

Shortly after the post went live , I received a message asking me "not to mention his web" as he "did not want ppl to know" .

Which brings me to the question : why not? First things first , when I agreed to attend the event I was under the impression that it would be a collaborative effort , which was also how I explained it to my family and Le BF whilst asking their permission to go on the trip . And, it was also why I agreed to help purchase his flight tickets, also under the impression that he would pay me back (which he hasn't, and has resorted to blocking me on social medias twitter & instagram when I asked for the money back ) . 

Fast forward to post event , whilst writing the review , I found out that he'd been sending my drafts to someone (person unknown to me) to proof read. Now, I found that highly insulting and disrespectful ; and after he posted the article, I also found that I had not been credited - link to post

After raising the issue(multiple times)  , this is what I got.

This isn't all . These events have now been overshadowed by what follows after as it's already been almost three months and he hasn't shown any signs of paying his debts , and what's worse? He's been constantly pestering me about attending other events such as DWP & Stereosonic (possibly needing me to pay for his flights again, lol) 

He also stole 100 USD from me on It's the Ship .. claimed it was borrowing, and said that I was overreacting when I got mad about it . LOL . It baffles me how a person can be so shameless.. 
What happened to our fundamental chinese values ? (用人物 须明求 倘不问 即为偷)

Guys , if a person takes your belongings without asking/telling you in person, is that considered stealing ? 
Posted by Gillian Ong on Monday, November 23, 2015

I should also mention, as a very small side note that he showed no signs of remorse after breaking my hand carry bag (which was a gift from my grandpa) & asking me to shut the f*** up and demanding that I not yell at him in public because : 1, It was a free bag , and 2, I had no proof that he broke it . 

Unfortunately for me , he's under the impression that I/the world/other girls need him for his media passes and event invites ; therefore is still acting like a complete and utter a-hole, even cussing and spitting at me when I told him I really didn't give a damn about his "abilities" . 

Some final words : He's agreed to pay me back before midnight on Sunday (29/11) , but as he's already said he would a few times in October / early Nov, I see no reason to trust him as he's always all talk and no action. So until he does, we shall see. 

Thoughts : I obviously am a tad upset about all that's happened as all this has taken quite a huge toll on my emotional well being , but I'm sharing this not to ask for any form of pity or not out of malice, but to raise awareness and as a note to self to be more careful in the future . 

Now, back to zen mode ..

Update : 25/11 1:41am 

I have no words... really, I don't even know how to respond. LOL 

Also , another update , as of 27/11 10pm : 

Attaching proof of payment ..

I'll have to clarify here that payment has been made , but we haven't come to terms with the final amount (therefore , there's still a shortage as I also lent him money for food , drinks , accommodation as well as shopping. )

I also have reason to believe that the funds he's using is not his , as he seems to be receiving instructions from certain parties (proof attached , a pasted message he did not write) 
He also responded with "I like la" , after I told him not to copy & paste messages.

As he has requested for the full amount that he owes me .. I'm more than happy to oblige and provide the calculations : 

However, in an attempt to worm himself out of the situation , he has resorted to asking me to pay him for his Ultra Japan media passes (Amount calculated in the form of VIP tickets - 30k yen per day ) ; Which I do not see how that's fair as there's no receipt/proof of payment of those passes - they carry no value as they are, well.. complimentary.. and from what I understand , complimentary tickets/ passes are not meant to be sold as again, they carry no cash value . 

So, by "claiming" from me, isn't he going against the law ? I've also yet to receive compensation for my review.  As of 28/11 11:44am, he hasn't taken down the post , nor has he credited me . 

He has also mentioned me directly (also hashtagging my name)  on twitter, which I now perceive as verbal assault , claiming that I'm exaggerating, and calling me an attention seeker & a  B****. 

My response? Let's backtrack a little and look at what he said when I told him there was a shortage( I paid using my credit card during the trip) : 

Well, if Mr "Everytime i go Zouk I never pay a single cent" and "I pay you back then" really had the funds to pay me , why didn't he do so earlier?

 Therefore, how this will be settled remains to be seen.

But here's a thank you note to all who have been so supportive & encouraging throughout this entire ordeal . Much love to you all <3 

As requested :  links of all Facebook updates I have made  (order from most recent to oldest)

As well as a screenshot of his status update : which he did not make public . Curious, isn't it?

Final update : 29/11 7:12pm 

He's finally paid the remaining balance that he owes me. So I guess this has come to an end , but feel free to read "the aftermath" here :

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