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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kindness Kills : The Aftermath

There are two sides to every story and as some of you are aware, a certain story that has been ongoing with myself and a particular individual affiliated with is about dishonesty. (Link to story) 

It's no secret that he's been speaking to other individuals, giving his own version of accounts as a few parties have approached me (I quote Miss V :"Helping a friend worth helping") on the matter. His narration or description of events may not be accurate, so do allow me to clarify; and as much as he'd like to give an account of his side of the story, I have every right and reason to believe that I'm not the only one he has done this to.

Allegedly, it has been revealed to me that Person A has worked together with him before, for some time prior to this and according to her narration of accounts, she's also had to fork out huge sums of money to "help" pay for his expenses such as trips, accommodation, F&B, phone bills, clubbing etc.

Also, certain parties have approached me about how he used to/are still harassing them/their girlfriends and how he's always adamantly insisting that he's not at fault for his wrongdoings, which certainly says a lot about said person's character.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kindness Kills .

Let me begin by clarifying this : I truly advocate keeping one's private life private.. but sometimes.. I think being too kind in life makes one a pushover. Or.. at least, makes other people think that you are. To prevent further untoward incidents happening to other poor girls, I've decided to share this ..

Update : 27/11 11:21PM

Attaching proof of his "invitation" .

I would also have to clarify that he "owns" the website, but it is not a legally registered company.

Anyways I'm gonna keep this as factual and short as possible , mainly because he doesn't deserve my effort in typing so much .. here goes :

Friday, November 13, 2015

#CafeHopKL : Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar

A fairly new addition to the multitude of cafes in Taman Paramount , Fluffed left a rather lasting impression.. and a strange longing for their affogato long after I'd left.

Pic taken from Fluffed FB page 

On one of my weekend hops with some new friends, we visited this place after lunch at Prologue & Awesome Canteen. From there, it's a fair distance, so it's better to drive..heh.  Thankfully, ample parking was available.

Their crispy fluffy waffles paired with rose latte (non-caffieneated) are quite the treat for a rainy day , and I daresay their rose latte has more flavour than merchant lane's rose honey milk, but each to their own, eh?

Alice in Wonderland - a combination of lavender & blueberry.
The big bad wolf - charcoal waffle topped with earl grey ice cream , my personal favourite. ; and a peek at their rose latte. 
They also have a few other waffles on their menu :

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Two Cents : Social Media is not Real?

I just took my IELTS speaking test yesterday , and this became a topic of discussion with the examiner , because she asked me a short question of my opinion on a recent "viral topic online". I didn't have much time to discuss this with her, but it gave me some time to collect my thoughts of the incident.. and so I've decided to pen this down & elaborate this a little further . 
I'm sure most of you have seen this video by Essena - (update : as she's removed her account , I'm  linking a mirror upload) 
Personally, the only key takeout for me in her video.. Is that she urges people not to be defined by numbers, and to not let numbers define one's self worth. That, I absolutely agree. I respect her courage, but for me .. the content or how one portrays themselves is entirely up to the content creator. I understand why she's upset and is calling herself fake , but hey.. If you're not enjoying the journey, you're probably not gonna love the outcome. 

There are people who make it a goal to be internet famous and what have you , and when they get there, they really are over the moon about it ; or when people attain "accidental fame" , they're just genuinely happy because people are sharing what they love . I guess the point is to not let it consume you .

Moving on, I'm not here to urge everyone to be real, but to take what you see online with a pinch of salt.

Yes, nothing you see online is worth being jealous over ; neither is asking someone how they get so many likes/followers,  bickering about how the engagement is organic/paid for ; stealing other people's content and so on will do yourselves or said person any good. But social media has become a huge part of our lives , whether we like it or not.

There are so many posts circulating around , BTS(behind the scenes) photos of how instagrammers take their food shots , how staged photos are.. of truth & lies etc etc.. But hey. People share an affection for aesthetic beauty.. In simple terms, everyone loves beautiful things, regardless of culture.

We've always been encouraged to put our best foot forward, to try and look respectable and presentable to others and so on.. It would only seem natural that we eventually tried to fulfill our "perfect life" fantasies on Instagram or any other social media, for that matter.

I've seen how people talk about how others would love to see them fail, how people love hearing about mishaps and how sometimes they're afraid to share things when they're upset or feeling down.. Has our world really become as such? Where we're always expected to be flawless and perfect.. And at the slightest sign of your outer walls crumbling.. You must immediately recover and continue smiling? I quote Justin Biebs.. " It’s like they want me to be perfect, when they don't even know that I'm hurting ".

Many matters are quickly sensationalized, and the eventual fact is that most times , those people bear the brunt of cyber bullying for any form of  "fame". 

For me, as long as you're clear on what you want in life and you've no regrets, do what you wanna do and achieve a level of success that makes you happy. You've got nothing to prove to other people (except maybe your parents or anyone who's lent you a hand during your journey). Just don't be the kind of person that spends time building & deliberately trying to portray that "perfect life" ; and then complain about how everyone keeps saying they "have it all" and "they don't know how hard it is for me".. because it's not worth it.

In all honesty, I love social media, but not the drama that comes with it. It has been a great platform for me to connect with so many other people (cafe hoppers, bloggers etc etc).. and it's been a source of inspiration as well . When i get tired of it or when I feel it consumes too much of me, I disconnect.

Everyone has their own opinions on how things should be done, but keeping to the topic here : weather or not social media should be used to promote environmentalism, veganism.. weather it's all about numbers .. just remember this - mass media has always been an influence (think magazine ad placements, tv commercials..) in how we dress, society's standards etc..

As long as you're secure in yourself and you believe in what you're promoting, you have the ability to change people's lives ; and if you think that people shouldn't be doing product placements on instagram, or they should really post "real stuff" like how messy their bed is or if you enjoy seeing pictures of people documenting their daily lives, that really is up to you as well. Just try not to hate on other people for doing what they would .

Do what you love, Do what you will , But keep the balance.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hot Assist - Personal Protection and Lifestyle Program for Ladies

With crime rates on the rise , I find myself becoming more reluctant to venture outside as incidents such as snatch thefts and robberies happening in urban cities like Johor Baharu,  Klang Valley , Penang. It's easy to feel vulnerable and unsafe because crime can happen anywhere.

Almost every single day you’d see news regarding crime shared on social media. Snatch theft can happen anywhere and to anyone – a pedestrian walking by the roadside, a driver stopping to pump fuel at a petrol station, even a diner happily having her meal at a restaurant.

Here’s an attempted snatch theft in Sunway.

Here’s an incident in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Snatch theft in Johor Bahru. 

Here’s an incident in Malacca. 

While rob and run incidents are even happening in busy and upscale neighbourhoods with police beat bases barely 100 meters away. Here’s what happened at The Social along Jalan Telawi 3 in Bangsar Baru recently. 

Even the Malaysian government is expecting it to rise in the near future.
Crime rates could increase over the next two years as the economy slows down, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said. -  ( )

It’s gotten so bad that even the US Department of State has issued a warning to its citizens in Malaysia:

“There has been a noticeable increase in crime in Kuala Lumpur in 2014, including several reported assaults and robberies, sometimes involving weapons. Petty theft, particularly purse snatching and pickpocketing, and residential burglaries are the most common crimes committed…”

There’s nothing much you can do about it except not going out... but that’s not very practical.

This is a violent incident that happened on 17 October 2015 that’s currently going viral on Facebook. Crime does not only happen by the roadsides.. 

Seorang wanita dihentak ke dinding lif sebelum dirompak oleh dua orang lelaki warga asing.Menurut OrientalDailyNews, katanya kejadian berlaku minggu lepas di sebuah pangsapuri di setapak. Kejadian menyebabkan mangsa mengalami kerosakan serius pada rahang dan gigi patah selepas diheret dan disepak..Sumber: 東方日報 OrientalDailyNews
Posted by Siakap Keli on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Have you noticed how the girl did not want to let go of her bag even after being hit repeatedly? She suffered injuries to her jaw and teeth.

These situations are all too familiar.. but imagine if there was a program to protect you and your belongings, so you can just let go and prevent bodily injury in such a situation knowing that your loss will be covered?

Well here’s some good news for you, because Hot Assist, which is powered by the Card Protection Plan from the United Kingdom has launched a new personal protection and lifestyle program in Malaysia.

Rob & Run Assist is a lifestyle program to protect you in case unfortunate incidents occur,  while giving you great lifestyle benefits such as well!

This program provides immediate assistance for snatch theft and (outdoor) robbery victims. As most ladies have their wallet, car keys, and mobile phone in their bag, when robbed, they will often be left feeling very helpless and lost. With protection by Hot Assist, you need only remember one (1) phone number to call for assistance.

With just one call to 1800-888-HOT (468), Hot Assist will block access to all registered credit and debit cards to prevent their usage, while the Emergency Taxi Service will be dispatched to take the member to the police station, hospital or home.

Hot Assist will also reimburse members for loss of personal belongings, documents and personal effects as well as hospitalization and medical expenses.

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