Midnight Monologues : LDR

by - 6/04/2017 01:44:00 AM

Let's talk long distance. I won't talk about how to 'survive' long distance, let's go deeper. Let's talk about the challenges that people don't often see.

The idea of it seems easy enough: It's just two people in love who have to be apart. But it isn't for everyone.. because what most people don't see is the pining when you're apart, the attempts to meet up, the countdowns to your trips, the anticipation when you arrive at the airport, luggage in tow; the excitement when the plane finally touches down and that burst of emotion when you lay eyes on them waiting at the gate.. and finally, relief - when you're back in their arms and know that you are, at long last, home. 

But it doesn't stop there. When you're together - most of it is spent racing against time trying to soak in each other's presence and build enough memories to tide each other over until it's time to leave.. again. 

You may already know this - that LDRs require twice as much work. You have to be self-sufficient and believe in the strength and power of your love because they can't always physically be there at the end of a long day to hold you.. and quite possibly, you may only be able to see/hear them through a screen. To this, I say: bless technology. But sometimes it might not be enough. When connections drop, when messages don't get sent.. or when life just simply gets in the way and frustrations ensue.. what do you do then? 

It takes strength, willpower, faith.. and so much more to be able to pull through and make it to the end. So until then, hang in there. :)

 Love makes it all worth it.

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  1. I know how it feels.
    The countdown to finally meet each other is exciting, but when you meet, the countdown to be apart again could be unbearable sometimes.