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The Proposal

Hello all. It's been really hard keeping this space updated but It’s partly due to the barrage of academic work I have to deal wi...

A little bit about me

So this is me . :) and my social networks.. I'm pretty much interested in anything and everything, i guess. I read about cars, tech gadgets, beauty & skincare.. well maybe not so much on plants and the environment...

So.. Time for an update! Currently based in Melbourne, feeling right at home with the strong coffee culture and beautiful surrounds.

I started blogging in 2010, it was mainly a photo blog(it's deleted now). And then it went on to simple posts about my feelings and such.This blog was started in April 2012, it was supposed to be my journal for my college life but was neglected because of my hectic schedule in TARC.(lame excuse, yeah. i know. but it's true!!).
I'm secretly a nerd (not a secret anymore!) , and most of the stuff you see here on my blog(except the template, it belongs to blogger) was coded and designed by me. I'm not a professional, so do forgive me if there are any bugs and problems you encounter. Shoot me a mail (click twirly button above) or send me a tweet if you have any suggestions/complaints. Thanks in advance for your kindness. :)

So i guess that's it!

Lotsa Love, 

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