My Weight Loss Journey - Progress :)

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WARNING : Photos Galore!
December 2007
Sorry for the awkwardness, it was My first Photo shoot
February 2010
May 2011
I wasn't always fat. It was a combination of bad eating habits and a desk job (December 2011- April 2012) that gained me all that extra weight. Those who know me , (or those who follow my Facebook account) will notice that in 2012, i stopped taking photos. 

Yeah, that's when everyone started noticing the extra weight, myself included. It was then i decided to lose weight. But it took many attempts. In the past, I began each attempt with gusto. I cleared the pantry of all sweets and junk food, jacked up my exercise routine and drank copious amounts of water. That all sounds good, right? All would be well and i would feel so good about until I stepped on the scale (I never had one at home) and saw that I only lost 0.5-1 kg. And that's when everything went wrong. I became depressed and i would fall back into old habits, thinking that my efforts were for nothing.
After college started , i decided to join prom ( i was rather into modeling at the time) . I never actually expected to pass the audition, but when i did, it rather fueled my efforts to lose weight. During, and after the competition, when i saw photos i felt .. shocked, initially. And also furious at myself. 
Prom Semi Finals - June 2012

The same dress in September 2011

During semi finals  - June 2012

Surprisingly i got into the finals, and it was another round of workouts and crash dieting for me. In my desperation to slim down for the finals, i actually only took fruits and water, and sometimes i just didn't eat at all. But then, during the fitting, i still couldn't fit into any of the short gowns. I was so upset that i just burst into tears, and they just put me in a long gown - that's why i was the odd one out among the contestants.

When it came to choosing my outfit for the talent sector, I lost hope. There was nothing I could fit into in my wardrobe. I practically just gave up trying, and i'm rather embarrassed to say that i messed up during the whole prom final. Predictably, i didn't win. heh. And as a result of the crash dieting, i got sick. 

Although i wasn't bullied or criticized, i'm rather sure that some were laughing at my lack of "self-awareness (自知之明)" . It then came to a point where i decided that i deserved to feel good all the time, and i'd had enough of avoiding having my picture taken with my friends and family. 

That night, I went straight home and downloaded MyFitnessPal. It was exactly what I needed to get on track. I started to keep track of everything I put in my mouth and every calorie that I burned during exercise. I joined swimming classes, too.

I had some extra help too. If you've heard of Zaggora, it basically is a series of hotwear that claims to increase calorie burn. I got my first pair during a promotion on Groupon And when i got them, i went to the gym with them on and did a ten minute run on the treadmill. If you're gonna ask if it works, then let's just say that I literally had to peel them off after that workout, and sweat was dripping into my trainers :S . Now i'm a proud owner of a Full Body Blazer, Hot Top and Capri Hotpants. They're really beneficial to my workout and i'd strongly recommend them .

Does excercising with zaggora work though?

Weight Loss Table

Body Fat
Body Water

Feb 7, 2013
Apr 5, 2013

I saw the effects gradually, i guess patience is key if you're in the race to lose weight. But if you ask me which is the biggest contributing factor to losing weight, i'd say it still is mostly working out and controlling your diet  :p

Now : 10 Months later, I've lost 10 Kg.

Any Differences?

Still working hard to achieve my dream figure!

If a lady can't control her own weight, how can she be expected to control her life?

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