Despicable Me 2

by - 6/29/2013 10:17:00 PM

The minions are baaack! :D
Beedo! Beedo!

So i watched TGV's "pick of the week" movie yesterday night , and guess what?!
It was Despicable ME 2!!!
Yeah i know it's not released yet, but we were lucky enough to get tickets before it was all sold out! :D

So, back to the movie.
*beware, spoilers ahead*

 Gru (now a father) is recruited by the Anti Villian League(AVG) to investigate on a case of stolen serum which can turn life-forms into invincible mutant killing machines.*cue purple minions*

In order to stop the evil villain from taking over the world, Gru teams up with secret agent Lucy Wilde.(which becomes his new love interest.)


The movie is unpredictably hilarious.
 Laughter is indeed infectious, and everyone was laughing watching the minions .

But then if you dig deeper ( which i expect most audiences above four feet tall would), the movie isn't as good as the first. It goes with the classic cartoon plot : where everyone is bashed and blown to bits, and in the next scene, appears unscathed for another round of bombing/throat-slitting.
It's just mindlessly silly.and the sticky sweet (romance + action) plot is kinda cheesy...

And there's just no more villainous evil plots and schemes from Gru. He's been neutered into boring old nice guy. 
That's talent gone to waste, i feel :p and the whole plot just kinda lacks emotional connectivity that some animation films are so reknowned for. 
The good part? the minions are featured more in this film . Heheh nothing wrong with that, i suppose. I myself could sit there at watch them fight each other forever. 

Hmm. I heard that they're getting their own movie in 2014. It's funny that they speak gibberish, but then  it still seems that they understand english. I wonder how they communicate with their "bosses"?

Rating? (ermmm...)

brownie points for cuteness!

Till then, hang tight and enjoy your weekend!


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