The Mugshot Cafe • Popcorn's Debut Performance!

by - 6/27/2013 12:06:00 PM

So I've been hearing about this cafe for some time, so last night sis & I decided to drop by and give it a try :) 
I had a little trouble finding the cafe though :( 
But thanks to a few tips on foursquare,which pointed out it was right beside rainforest bakery, we finally found it. heheh. Btw an extra tip for locals, it's just opposite the night-time curry mee stall.

I forgot to bring my camera.. so .. sorry for the bad quality pics.. 

The Menu

Kiwi & Honey Yoghurt
RM 10

Sis having Walnuts & Raisins Yoghurt

Cream Cheese Bagel(Background) - RM 5
Bacon & Egg( Foreground) - RM10

Bacon & Egg :)

The Bagel's were really delicious! Heated up in a traditional wood oven before they were served. 

Sis said the hot chocolate was really good too :p
( a little over priced though :( )

Senget Mugshots :p 

The Mugshot Cafe
302, Chulia Street ,Georgetown ,MY.
012-405 6276

From left : Yun Fang, Me, Rickho, Jxhia, Carmen, Steven.

Group Shot with the president of Mass Comm Club - Jeryl Bee :)

I know you're probably thinking.. WHY POPCORN?!

I'm sorry to disappoint but.. I have no idea?

Anyway.. we had our first performance during the Hard Rock T-shirt design contest organized by the mass comm club.. Will link the video as soon as.. anyone..uploads it ? :) 

As always, selca :p

The Girls <3
(and one manly girl) :D

With Love , 

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