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Hey there! 
Remember in my previous post I mentioned I'd be traveling to KL?  Now I'm here to tell you all about it ! 

Last Saturday(6 July 2013), I was invited by Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers to attend the Celcom 4G LTE Blogger Race at Sunway Lagoon..

I was super excited for the event as the winning team members would bring home a Sony Xperia Tablet Z each

We gathered at the Surf Beach entrance to Sunway Lagoon  at 9.30am for registration and received our wristbands..

whoops, hairy hands :p
Then,we were brought to the Lighthouse cafe for breakfast and a short briefing. I also took this opportunity to get to know other bloggers, celebrities and key opinion leaders better. :)

Oh and local celebrities, Iqram Dinzly, Kamal Adli, Along Cham and Ezzrin Loy were there!
From left : Charis , Carmen , myself, Shelyn , Jxhia, Fione
After filling our tummies, at 10.30am, it was time for the challenge to begin!

We split ourselves up into 5 teams :

Orange - "Zesty Chicks!"

White -"Who run the world? Us!"

Black - "The Black Knights! "

Blue - " B for Bloggers, B for Blue " ;)
Purple - "We are.. Sexy!"
Task briefing..
Each team was given a set of 8 clues, each signifying a challenge which we had to complete.Our task was to solve clues and find the hidden marshall at each station to get a “PASS” from them. Each "pass" carries 10 points, and the teams with the highest points wins.

Each team had a dedicated videographer, where our progress was recorded and would be made into a youtube video.

*plotting to take over the "world" :p*

check out our serious faces while trying to figure out the clues. :p
First stop : kayaking!  We had to do a figure 8 around two floating cones in 3 minutes to complete the challenge.
Lucky us, charis has experience in kayaking so we passed.. just barely because one of our boats went off course.
 so we had to "haggle" a bit for the pass .
Our second stop was the ATV trail.
We had to count the number of coloured flags on our way up and give the correct answer to the hidden marshall.

Taking the opportunity to rest and plan our next stop while waiting for our turn..
Hottie Carmen Layrynn  on the ATV.

The third stop was the flying fox..
That's Jxhia Wong from the white team ;)
Charis volunteered for the activity, quite the adventurer, eh? 

Moving on now, fourth stop : somebody got dunked!
(of course, the clue was : I like to dunk it, dunk it ! )

We had three chances to throw a ball at the target.
But we failed.. because we missed :p
So we had to.. sing happy birthday at the top of our lungs....with everyone watching. heheh.

But no.. they weren't done with our punishment yet..!
We had to pick one of our team members to get dunked! 
guess who?
the star of the day : Sony Xperia tablet Z up close.

No prizes for getting it right, sorry! It was Fione. Brave girl :p
I guess we got off easy because the white team had to do a duck walk.*sighs in relief*
3D glasses on , it's the 5D cineplexx!  ( fifth stop)
Everyone got wet, especially Carmen because she was right next to the water effects pipe :p

Photo credits to : Charis
Next,we went on the Vuvuzela.
The queue was a mile long, we wasted quite a lot of time just to get on the ride mainly because we had to climb a long way up the stairs.
 But then, I'm not complaining because it's Sunway Lagoon's latest attraction and it truly lives up to its name! 
It was kinda scary, but in a fun way. 

Our next (and last) attraction was the tube slide .. the clue was to "get wet and find the 4 letter word" with a picture of a snake. 

Interviewed.. Just like the TV show amazing race 

We missed out on the Paintball Target Shooting challenge.. a pity :(
When we got back to the meet up point, we'd missed the cut off time by 40 minutes because none of us realized , and we were deducted 15 marks, which brought our final score down to : 45 marks. *sighs* 
Note to self: must work on time management..

Missed getting into the Top 3 by 5 marks :( 

In the second (bonus) round, the top three teams : Purple, Black and White had a bonus round where they had to look for the hidden tablet in surf beach with the clues given to them. The first team to find the tablet gains 30 points, and the team with the highest points would walk home with the Sony Xperia Tablet Z !
Purple team members in action

White team members scouring the area for the hidden tablet.

I bet you're dying to know, who won in the end?
Tadahhh! It was the white team! 

The white team and their new tablets during the prize giving ceremony. Congrats !!
From Left : Weena Marcus,  Careen Tan, Jenvine Ong, Ho Li Sha and Jxhia Wong
Big group picture with all the contestants

Group photo with MHB bloggers & friends after the event ended.
Team blue with the Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Although I really feel bummed that we didn't win, I'm glad that I made new friends and grew closer with those i already knew. It was truly an amazing experience, and I'm really grateful to Tim, founder of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers for the opportunity to attend this event. (Ps : it's my first event as a MHB Blogger!). Also, heartfelt thanks goes to Celcom, Sony and Sunway Lagoon for organizing the event and making sure we had a great time.

Me posing with the Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Speaking of the tablet, I also got to play around with it. It’s thinnest tablet on the market, super light and best part is ...*wait for it*... it's WATER RESISTANT!

On another note, I could always buy the tablet myself ;)
The price starts from RM 1438 bundled with plans from Celcom First! 

In case you're wondering, Why Celcom

☑It’s Malaysia’s fastest network with the widest coverage (95%)
☑ You can enjoy the best plans and rates with Celcom First.
☑You'll also e the first to enjoy the most exclusive privileges. 
☑ Celcom has received various industrial awards: 
  1. Mobile Service Provider of the Year(2010, 2011, 2012) -- organized by Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Telecoms Awards
  2. Best Wireless Internet Award(2012)-- organised by 12th PC.com Readers Choice Awards Night 2012
The full list of awards and achievements can be found here.

Of course, just reading about such an awesome device isn't going to be enough, right? So head on to the nearest blue cube centre today to try it out for yourself! For more info, visit www.celcom.com.my

BTW, Check out all the episodes of the blogger race !
One last photo before i sign off!
My friends from the blogosphere ;)
 Shelyn , FioneCharis,Myself, CarmenJxhia,

Till next time, 

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