Crazy Potato @ 1st Avenue Mall

by - 7/08/2013 10:29:00 AM

"There was a time, when potatoes were just plain potatoes.
People boiled them, baked them.
Then, some smart folks started to fry them. And made fries..  " - Crazy Potato Story

But sometimes the traditional way of having fries with salt & ketchup/chili  can get pretty boring..

And then came...

with a myriad of sauces you can choose from :-

For cheese maniacs, there's Crazy Cheddar that might suit your taste buds.

Or for those who prefer something light, try Sour Cremio.

For those with a sweet tooth, you could go for : Honey Mustard

Pickle Mayo
Photo by Timeout

or  Lady Marmalade.

Or for those who prefer a dash of spicy , try the Wasabi Mayoor Crazy Spicy.

If you're looking for something filling,
Pizza-pizza ...

crazy meaty would be a good choice.

Of course, they also cater to the "just fries" crowd.
London Chips for those who aren't so adventurous, or crazy sweet potato for those who wanna take a break from the traditional fries.

They do serve other snacks like tempura chicken nuggets(MUST TRY!), Onion Rings, Spaghettini, Squid Crunch and so on. 

Take a look at the full menu : 

*all transactions are made in Ringgit Malaysia only* 
Despite the fact that prices in pounds are listed :p

In conjunction with the Ramadan season , they'll be having a special promotion.
With any purchase of Set A/ Set B, you'll stand a chance to win 4x movie tickets! 

Do drop by and give them a try! 

8-03E, Eighth floor, 1st Avenue Mall, 182, Jalan Magazine, George Town, Penang.

Opening times: Daily, 10am-10pm; until 12am (Friday, Saturday)

Also, like their facebook page for more updates

Edit : Crazy Potato at 1st Avenue has closed down.

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