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Tell me, what comes to mind when I mention breakfast?

Eggs Benedict?
Dim Sum?

Well, when the boyfriend mentioned "traditional breakfast" yesterday, I initially thought we were going for noodles .. or Macdonalds?So you can imagine my confusion when he stopped outside an alleyway in Campbell Street and announced gleefully : "We're Here!"

I was still busy looking around for the "kopitiam" sign (staring at the opposite side of the road,whoops) until he grabbed my camera and snapped this picture.

The guy wearing sunglasses was probably laughing at my "huh?" face. 
So we went in the small alleyway and grabbed a table. The place was buzzing as usual.
I found the coffee shop sign! bwahahahaha! 

The place feels strangely nostalgic. I suppose before Oldtown, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Station 1 and other chain stores existed, this was the place people would hang out for a nice cup of coffee and gossip. I'm right, it seems. As I'm writing this post, my grandma is telling me that this place has been around for more than 60 years and is a family business run by "the Oois".

This place is famous for it's variety of homemade toasts, hainan coffee and nasi lemak, for those who prefer a more filling breakfast. But the uniqueness lies in how the toasts are prepared - using a charcoal stove.

The top compartment is for boiling water, middle for the charcoal to burn and the lower part is for the bread to be toasted.
The bread is placed on the wire net and fed into the oven
img source : Penang Lang
Honestly, I admire the fact that they still use this traditional method because it's a very tedious process - Each piece of bread is carefully eyeballed and flipped continuously to prevent it from burning.

We didn't have to wait too long before our order came.
Iced Coffee - Must Try
Half boiled egg and steamed bread with Kaya (homemade, I suppose.)
right : toasted wholemeal bread

The steamed bread was really soft (and fluffy!). And the toasted bread was really good too. 
Let me try to explain : it's different from the electric toaster kind where it's just crunchy inside and out. The outside is crunchy and the interior is still soft and delicate. It has a smoky hint to it too.

One last thing! The total cost was around RM 6. Very affordable for a good meal.

Toh Soon Cafe (多春茶室)
Address : 184 Campbell St, George Town, Penang 10100 
Opening Hours : 8am - 6.30pm (closed on sunday)

Enjoy your weekend! 

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