Them Haters

by - 7/17/2013 11:50:00 PM

There's been a video that caught my attention recently. 

English Version

Chinese Version
"What causes us to become unsure of our abilities?"
"The truth is, there are Certain people who're actively trying to prevent the rest of us from doing well, so much so that if you have a dream or purpose in life, they will try to squash it."

It seems we've been using the term anti social wrongly, LOL. I'd always thought it meant isolating oneself from society.

Personally, I've met a few "anti-social" people. My first impression? They can really suck the life outta you. Those who like to "suppress" others people will never feel they're in the wrong.

So here's what i really wanna say:
What's the point of putting people down?
Leaving anonymous, spiteful comments on other people's videos and blogposts?
Does criticizing others, making other people unhappy really make you feel good?

I'm not saying constructive criticism is bad. If you really feel that people around you are not on the right track, it's okay to correct them. BUT, not by using hateful/derogative terms.

Comments are welcome :D tell me what you think.

Aaaanyway, do check out this video of our performance during V.FM's live radio show yesterday.

Peace out ! <3

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