Jakarta - Day 1 | Kiyadon Sushi @ PX Pavillion

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Hello Loves! I'm back ! Did you miss mehhh? :p Probably not..

I was in Jakarta for the past week .. so sorry for the hiatus :p

Selca all the way ~~ En route to the airport.
#girlsbeinggirls :D

With Sis - Anfanny :3

Loving the leopard prints on my maxi <3
on board the short haul flight to KL
We didnt take a direct flight because they were all booked.
So we spent most of our time rotting at both Penang & KL airports ._. kesian...
Pretty disappointed in KLIA though.. except for perfumes & cosmetics.. not much to eat & buy.. had to wait till the next flight only did i get the chance to have lunch. 

Finally, after 2 hours of waiting.. we boarded the flight to Jakarta.
entertaintment system & USB port to charge my phone, whoopee. 
Lunch : Rendang Chiken with White Rice
Orange Cake
Hershey's Kisses 
Before landing at CGK airport, Jakarta
Sunset on a plane.. so pretty - It felt like we were chasing the light. 
Heh.. our luggage got delayed because of a sudden downpour.. and our uncle picked us up from the airport.


Topshop Animal Print Bandeau Maxi Dress
Victoria's Secret White Cardigan
Rubi Jelly Flats
excuse my ugly toenails T.T 

 After packing & settling down.. We went out for dinner at PX Pavilion, located in Puri Indah - which was nearest to my uncle's place (where we were staying) . Most of the shops were closed though .. It was nearly 9.30pm when we arrived - they close early from Monday to Thursday , but operate till midnight on Fridays and throughout the weekends.

So we settled for..
Kiyadon Sushi!
*because we've never heard of the name :p *

The Chefs preparing our Sushi.
Salmon Sushi

There was a smiley on my california roll! :p

Kani Mayo
So good <3

Fried Fish Spaghetti
Overall the food was pretty good, but very pricey compared to our japanese restaurants in Peanng. But according to my uncle, living standards there are high.. so it's still reasonable.

my OOTN : 
Forever 21 White Lace Shirt
Topshop Leather Skirt
Carlo Rino Bag

That's all for day 1.. because there was nowhere left to go.. :p 
But still.. Stay tuned for more~

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