[Event] Absolut Hibiskus Tasting

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Attended the Absolut Hibiskus Tasting Event @Mois last Saturday with the blogger babes..

In conjunction with Malaysia's Independence Day & Malaysia Day, Pernod Richard Malaysia introduced ABSOLUT HIBISKUS to pay homage to Malaysia's national flower - the hibiscus.

This event was one of the four in-outlet eventsheld to celebrate ABSOLUT HIBISKUS. The other venues were Poppy KL, Luna Bar KL& The View KL.

'Twas raining when we arrived but we refused to let that dampen our spirits ;) 

A little information about ABSOLUT HIBISKUS :

ABSOLUT HIBISKUS is a premium floral flavored vodka with rich aromas of hibiscus and pomegranate. An exceptionally innovative flavored vodka leading contemporary cocktail culture in unexpected directions. Easy to mix. All natural ingredients. Exceptional drinks. - absolut.com

Cocktails on tap that night were : 
Ilyx (ABSOLUT HIBISKUS, Roselle, Pomegranate Juice)
My personal favorite
Pink Lady ( ABSOLUT HIBISKUS, Cranberry, Pineapple)

Honestly, I'm not much of a drinker so I didn't know what to expect , but I'll say this : who knew hibiscus could taste so good?! 

Cheers ;)  I also had it straight, on the rocks- the taste is a little sweet, with floral notes that's a little similar to rose. It goes well with cranberry juice too.

Say hello to the other blogger babes : 
Me & Shelyn

Yugene, Yunice , Fione

Moved on to the VIP area for a little fun on our own..
ABSOLUT Hibiskus + Cranberry Juice 

Group photo!

Sorry, yours truly was a little too tipsy to continue taking pictures after we hit the dance floor, but one word to sum it all up - awesome ;) Also,special thanks to Paris for the invite <3

Ending this post with a pre-party selca <3


See you guys in the next post.
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