Party All Day errday.

by - 9/26/2013 03:54:00 PM

Hey guys..
It's been a crazy few weeks, attending events/parties every fri & sat.

So since I'm taking a small break, I'll settle down & posting all the party pictures(for your enjoyment , i hope). It's a little overdue so.. bear with me :p

So.. Let's start with friday night( 14th Sept'13)  :)

Went for Absolut Hibiskus Launching @ Mois with Shelyn & Fione
Heylo babes ;)

ah yes, must not forget karwei

Look at the crowd 
My coursemate Szker <3
Not much pictures that night cuz we were busy partying with DJ Goldfish & Blink on the deck ;)

Mandatory toilet selfie ;) 

And saturday @ Cuvee (my favorite of all nights <3) 
It was really happening cuz everyone bought their own friends n sorta mingled around? :p 

My bodyguard for the night ;) 

Big group picture
The guys v.s the girls 

Went for supper at Jiao Sai after that..
                     #noedits hah!

Fast forward to 20th September which was Cocoon Penang's Soft Launching..

Selfie time while fione is preparing ;)

say hi to boyfriend :p he was munching on snacks.

So umm cocoon was originally Voodoo.. and to be honest we didn't really have a great time, maybe because the music was just so so..

All too quickly, we got bored &  left for supper at lameizi :p

The next day @ Cuvee (again!) to celevrate Szeker's 18th Bithday! 

Chocolate Cake Courtesy of Ying Ching

Happy Birthday Babe <3 <3 
Hsien Yee
Fione, Jxhia & Yours Truly ;)

Ah yes not forgetting the guys - 

So i hope you enjoyed scrolling through pictures as much as I enjoyed reminiscing the fun times we had!

So enough of the past, time to start on my assignments.

Till next time,

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