Shelyn's 19th Birthday Bash

by - 10/25/2013 08:17:00 PM

First of all.. I'd like to say that I'm sorry for neglecting my blog ://// so many posts overdue heheh I'll try to update as soon as possible! 

then... I'd like to wish Miss Shelyn Ooi..HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! 

We had an awesome birthday dinner at little cottage and i'm really glad that i'm a part of the festivities & celebrations on this very special day of hers :D 

May all your wishes come true!

Birthday girl <3 

A few shots with babe Jxhia & Carmen's TR-15.. 
the bubz from MHB : Carmen, Fione, Jxhia, Yours truly, Shelyn

The guys

My babe fione ;) 

Pattern with the cake :p 

I'm pretty impressed by the camera, can't deny that :p

Then it's on to cuvee for the after party! 

Thank goodness we booked a table in advance, cuz they were having halloween celebration on that night too! 

ze bday girl lookin hawt n spicy ;) 

Rose Champagne courtesy of Fusin.. 
To us & all the good stuff in life ;)

All in all.. we had a great time that night.. though we got shelyn a little too drunk to make it for dinner at lameizi .. sorry babe hehehe birthday.. ain't no party without getting drunk :p

Half drunk faces :///

I'll keep it short this time cuz you guys will be seeing a lot more pics of her & Fione in my future posts :p

Really blessed to have these two girls in my life! And once again, have a blessed birthday Shelyn ! 

Till next time,

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