Thrilled Halloween Party

by - 11/01/2013 03:30:00 AM

Honestly, this was my first time celebrating halloween in my 19 years of existence :/ (okay i have no life, i know. </3 ) So a big thanks n a hug to Leonard for inviting me to this event.. 

The preparation experience itself was awesome! I didn't know costume hunting could be this fun..It's just that there weren't many options for us to choose from. So most of our costumes came from Partee boutique or Party-mix. 

I dressed up as a purple carousel witch.

Went to Fione's place in the evening to get my makeup done
beautiful hair & makeup by ShanZhu. Thank you!
*used my own Riri hearts mac lashes.. nice? I loved it ;) 

But on the night itself... A tragic thing happened... i forgot my witch hat!

Anyways.. never mind.. I made do without it :p

First thought that popped into my head when i arrived was like.. WOW..  they did a great job decorating the place.

Picture with the dancing zombies :p 

 Supernatural Kitchen :p

Sexy Vampire Hostess - Julie Woon

Men in Black

Zhen Pei, Karwei , yours truly :)

from left : carmen(s) , ms kuan , Jxhia

Jerome! a.k.a shuffling pumpkin head ;)

I think the best part ( for me) was when DJ Eva T took the stage.. Probably because she played my favorite trance/house tracks ..

And Jaclyn & Shelyn won themselves an iPad Mini each for being the best dressed at the party . Congrats girls ;)

All in all it was an awesome night .
Thanks to leonard again for the invites & to my babes - you guys are the reason i had a good time.
And of course to the organizers - Livescape Asia & Hong Leong Bank for such an awesome event ;)

So that's it! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. ;)
Be back soon!

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