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When it comes to the end of each year I'd always feel a tad sentimental.. who wouldn't? It's the end of the year after all.. But as they always say.. you gotta keep moving forward..

So before that.. let's "buang balik" for a bit..

2013 was.. quite a year.. I'd say. Not great.. but I had fun- a year  filled with parties, events & raves in particular.. (i've never really went to clubs before this so.. yeah.)

1. My first rave - ASOT600KL ( 14.03.13)
Being a hardcore trance fan.. it was a pretty big deal for me.. along with the 35,000 people there :p

With Zhen pei :) thanks for accompanying me there .. 

2. Lawson's Showcase in Malaysia (14.04.13)
Second time in KL this year. With my long time bestie Jolene Teoh :p

3. Avicii (30.11.13)
Along with Jolene & Joe ;) drove all the way down to KL (second time road tripping) 

I don't see this babe often.. but she's one of the greatest friends that stuck with me throughout the years <3

Moving on to my life in general :
In April.. I transferred to KDU (best decision I ever made)..As i said, I was a loner before this.. never really had much friends.And so it was here i met these awesome classmates. ;D

This was back in my "belonging" post.

- Performed in public(well not really.. college maybe) for the first time in a long time..
Yun Fang, Rickho Ng ,Myself, Jxhia Wong & Carmen Ngo

And in May i travelled to Singapore..

Oh yes in June.. I went clubbing for the first time (yes please laugh.. ) And it was for an event actually.. So i don't know if it really counts.. but it was Club Asahi Miami which jxhia brought me.

Moving on to July.. it's when i got accepted into MHB..
My first Advertorial/Event was the Celcom 4G LTE Blogger's Race in Sunway Lagoon

Well.. One thing led to another - and.. I met the two favorite people in my life :
You should recognize them by now : 
Fione & Shelyn
This was taken during the Absolut Hibiskus Tasting in August'13.

Guess we've been through a lot together these past few months... attending events.. watching each others backs & hanging out almost everyday.. :p It's a wonder how we haven't gotten bored of each other..
and also.. travelled to Jakarta in August.. read about it here here
Not forgetting the other awesome people I've met this year..
Yugene & Yunice..
SzeKer - classmate & awesome friend ;)
September 14th, 2013
Carmen Layrynn (far left)
This was during Shelyn's 19th Birthday Bash

Karwei (middle)
This was during the Thrilled Halloween Party in October
Babes Chienwei & Kityi (far left)
Hennessy Artistry HALO @ MIECC (November 2nd, 2013)

Bleached & Dip-dyed my hair teal green ;)
Pre-avicii preparation  :p

Just recently, Kityi came down to Penang for a short trip .. and we attended a S.O.X Fixie Flashmob together at queens bay.
This shot was taken at Glow Hotel Penang - newly opened hotel, by the way.

Anyways I just gotta say... Thank you all for being a part of my life..For being there when I needed a shoulder to cry on.. For being my motivation & giving me reasons to smile . ;) 

To my readers thank you all for reading even though my blog has been flooded with advertorials lately.. 

I'm writing this as I finish my last meal of the year ... :p 

A salmon crossaint sandwich from chocolate passion.. :)

Heading off to countdown now ... And to everyone... 

Happy New Year! 

"The New Year isn't about what happened.. It's about what's to come."

Have a great 2014!

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