CNY Prosperity Set Dinner at G Hotel

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Advertorial/ Food Review 

Hi Guys! Time really flies doesn't it.. we're already in Week 3 of 2014.. which means CNY is coming soon! 
For those who haven't booked a table for reunion dinners yet.. 

Why not have it at Sesame & Soy, G Hotel?

During the festive of Chinese New Year, they'll be offering two six course dinner menus (at a price of RM 98++ and RM128++ per person respectively) for you to choose from, 
available daily from 31st January to 13th February. Chef Chiam has thoughtfully decided to make things more convenient for small families.. or extremely big ones, the menu charges per pax and even if you decide to go try it out alone, it's still available to order.

Full CNY set menu for Lunch & Dinner as below : 
1. 枸杞鱼漂菜园鸡汤 Double-boiled Village Chicken Soup (W/ fish maw & kee chee)
2. 金蒜蘑菇酱酥鸡 Deep-fried Boneless Chicken (W/ garlic mushroom sauce)
3. 韩式辣酱爆虾仁 Sautéed Prawn Meat in Korean Spice (W/ capsicum & cucumber)
4. 蚝事发菜莲子蔬 Braised Dried Oyster, Sea Moss & Lotus Seeds (In garden greens)
5. 药膳荷叶蒸鱼片 Steamed Fish Fillet with Chinese Herbs (In lotus leaf)
6. 雪耳芝麻糊配雪糕 Black Sesame Cream with Snow fungus (ice-cream)
Set (A)
1. 发财七彩齐捞生 Fatt Choy Yee Sang (W/ norweigian salmon)
2. 纳福接新春 Tomato Chowder (W/ sea cucumber, crab meat & prawn meat)
3. 双燕报喜讯 Sauteed White Prawns with Vermicelli (W/ Chinese wine)
4. 罗花添显贵 Oven-baked Cod Fish with Abalone Mushrooms (In royal Thai flavor)
5. 合欢全家福 Japanese Baby Octopus & Preserved Duck Meat Fried Rice
6. 珠宝耀满堂 Sweet Corn Cream with Coconut milk (W/ glutinous rice ball)
Set (B)
1. 富贵七彩齐捞生 Riches & Honors Yee Sang (W/ Kwai Fei abalone & norweigian salmon)
2. 盘盘满大利 Braised Sea Treasures Chowder (W/ lobster meat & bamboo fungus)3. 鸳鸯龙凤配 Two Variety Combinations (W/ Deep fried boneless chicken with kiwi dressing & Sauteed white prawns with tomatoo butter cream cheese flavours)

4. 珍珠溢满屋 Assorted Sea Kingdom Combinations (Shimmered with sea moss in local farm green)
5. 富贵皆有余 Steamed Cod Fish with Honshimeji Mushrooms (In supreme soy)
6. 乐也乐融融 Sweetened Dried Longan Meat with Peaches, Sea Coconut, Gingko Nutes & Lotus seeds

So..with thanks to MHB & Christina, Jxhia, Shelyn & I (fione was MIA due to exams :p) had the privilege of trying out the food beforehand.

As per chinese tradition, it's essential to start off Chinese New Year with Yee Sang to welcome prosperity into our lives. 
Riches & Honors Yee Sang
w/ kwei fei abalone & norwegian salmon
(Menu B) 
Since it's a tradition for most Chinese families to have what's popularly known as "Shark Fin soup" at every banquet, Chef Chiam added this dish, sans shark fin, replacing it with lobster meat instead.
Braised Sea Treasures Chowder
 w/ lobster meat & bamboo fungus
(Menu B)
Also, as a healthy alternative to "heavy & oily" chinese food, Chef Chiam designed this dish - The kiwi offered a pleasant twist to the chicken, the flavor wasn't what i would normally expect;  the prawns were designed as a fusion between western + Chinese, and to me it tasted somewhat like cheesy wedges from KFC, absolutely amazing & i've to hand it to Chef Chiam for the creativity!
Two Variety Combinations Deep-fried Boneless Chicken with Kiwi Dressing
& Sauteed White Prawns with Tomato Butter Cream Cheese flavors
(Menu B)
So, another "must have" during reunion dinners - In Mandarin, sea moss in "fat choy" which means "struck it rich" , which makes it an essential dish during reunion dinner to signify yearly abundance . This dish contains Sea cucumber too , which rhymes with happiness in cantonese. 
I'm not really a veggie person, but surprisingly i loved the taste of this dish.

Assorted Sea Kingdom Combinations
simmered with sea moss in local farm green
(Menu B)
Another important aspect of Reunion dinners : the fish dish -  symbolising surplus, prosperity, 'having leftovers of money', hence abundance.
The fish was cooked perfectly and the soy sauce complimented it well. And this is my first time having mushrooms with fish, not a bad combination too!
Steamed Cod Fish with Honshimeji Mushrooms in supreme soy
This dessert doesn't only signify the end of the meal , its loaded with nutritious ingredients like Longan and Fungus Salad which according to nyonya culture, hydrates your skin. So ladies, drink up! ;) 
Sweetened Dried Longan Meat with Peaches, Sea coconut, gingko nuts & lotus seeds
All in all it was a satisfying meal, not too filling - possibly due to the lack of noodles/ rice, but you could always order them separately, the kitchen has butter fried rice prepared if you want something more to your meal .

Chef Chiam
The mastermind behind the amazing menu.
Complimentary G hotel bear
There are a total of 6 bears in the collection & i got to take home this cutie ;)
Jxhia, Christina (G Hotel's PR Manager) , Shelyn & Yours Truly


Sesame + Soy is located on the 1st floor of G Hotel. Serving a tantalizing fusion contemporary and classic chinese cuisine, Soy operates from 12.00pm to 2.30pm for lunch while Sesame is open from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.
Contact number: 04-2380000

*Walk- ins are welcome, but reservations preferred to prevent disappointment*

A side note before i end this post : 
Sesame + Soy will be closed down on the 17th of February 2014, and the space will be revamped into meeting rooms which G hotel is experiencing a shortage of. Not to worry, their award winning dishes will be made available throughout G Cafe and G hotel's wedding banquet ; and they will still operate throughout CNY, serving the reunion set lunch + dinners till February 13th, and on February 14th would be the Valentine's Menu. A special dining session on the 15th & 16th of February will showcase Sesame + Soy's past projects and for customers to enjoy their last meals before it shuts down.

So.. Do try out one of Penang's award winning Chinese fine dining restaurants before it closes down! 

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