Foodie Trips : Seafood @ Fish Village Restaurant

by - 3/07/2014 11:55:00 PM

My girls & I have been up to the random-est ( i don't think its a proper word..) things recently. 

Two days back we had a get together study session at PikNik in preparations for finals.. and after that, we sorta ended up going all the way to Tambun (Fish Village Restaurant to be exact ) for seafood. Don't ask me how it happened.. I really don't know. :p I only remember one of us requesting to see the second bridge...

*cue fast lane music*

Hahhaha just kidding ... Some pictures to make you hungry perhaps?
Baby Squid - Thanks to Anthony for the recommendation ;) 
Shrimp Paste ( i think....)
Salad Prawn
Kangkung Belacan
Ribena Chicken
(supposedly miss Rickho Ng's favorite :p.. but It really is the bomb!)
The food was pretty good actually, just wasn't a big fan of the salad prawn because the apples were really really sour.. they used green apples which was kinda expected but the rest was okay! Well then.. after that we went to a harbor ..supposedly for star gazing but ended up at a malay seafood restaurant which seemed kinda deserted..

Ps : I apologize for the lack of pictures cuz I was driving/ we were too busy stuffing our faces.. I'm sorry!But I'll update more about our" adventures" (road trip to Ipoh) in the next post!

signing off, 

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