If easy was a crime..

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I'm guilty as charged! :p
As most girls would know, the mantra for any sort of make-up induced eye enlargement miracle would be a lash hugging line..or a winged-liner look..

However, it's easy to say, not easy to do! Most of my close friends know that I've never been able to pull of the "cat-eye" (heck I can't even manage a simple winged look) on my own.. and the sad thing is that I have really small eyes T.T..
Trust me, I've been through a lot to try and achieve that look.

Which brings me to my main point : Benefit Cosmetics latest innovation.. 
It’s called they’re real! push-up liner 
and it's the FIRST EVER lash-hugging GEL liner in a pen!
 Patience, grasshopper, you'll need to read on to understand my obsession.

There are three reasons why this liner is a true beauty breakthrough:
  1. The matte, black gel formula is long-lasting and waterproof. 
  2. It’s a gel formula in a pen. 
  3. The innovative AccuFlex™ tip easily hugs your lash line from corner to corner.
The AccuFlex™ tip is rather similar to the wide-angled brush we always use with pot gel liners.. But this is much more hassle free!
And it guarantees that any girl, with any eye shape, will get the most ACCURATE, lash-hugging line.
more at: http://blog.benefitcosmetics.com/2014/06/10/just-the-tip/#sthash.xS4cMtKZ.dpuf

Here goes nothing...

Tadahhhh! It's totally goof proof and really easy to use!
A before and after comparison :

Im sorry, didn't mean to scare you netizens with my bare face(left) :/ but i had to show a comparison anyways. So .. eyeliner yay or nay? 
I tried this eyeliner out over a span of 3 days and decided to add it permanently into my makeup routine, but I still use brown liner when I'm going for a softer look. I guess it would be lovely if they came out with a brown version? Just a thought.. hmm

Day 1: went for tea with my sister and of course, it didn't let me down. It lasted till I got home.. without making me look like a panda (meaning no smudges..)

Day 2 : decided to give it a stretch by going for Lapsap's 7th Anniversary!

This was taken towards the end of the party ( a 5 hour rave) and we were all sweaty and tired but...look! no panda eyes! Lives up to its "waterproof  & long lasting"claim eh? *cue angels singing*
Day 3 : went for a photoshoot at Number Nine Studio ! And it turned out pretty nicely in the photos too! 

So what do you think? Will you be getting one of these? Tell me in the comments!

They’re real! push-up liner will officially be launched on the 27th June, 2014 (Friday). If you're eager to try them out beforehand, you can head to any benefit cosmetic store/counter near you to give it a whirl! 

By the way... letting you in on a secret that a lovely Benefit Boutique SA told me : First 100 customers who make a reservation (for the liner) and collect it on the launch day will receive a goody bag! But it's applicable to Benefit Boutiques only.  Go girls goooo! 

For more information :
Check out benefit cosmetic's website : http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/

And in case you were wondering how this liner came to be, check out this post on the Benefit Cosmetics blog 
Signing off,

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