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Hey guys! 

I do agree that lipsticks sort of complete your whole look, but for me, I hate the fact that it "leaves a mark" on glasses/ cups and that's kinda "unglam" for me, well I'm not a bond girl/hot chick so.. no. Furthermore, they don't last on my lips so you'll see me running off to the restroom for a quick touch up after a meal or worse case scenario, just after a drink( perhaps when I have someone to impress.. haha ._. )

Well, elianto's newly launched Brilliant Riche Lip Colour can change all that! At first sight, it looked like lip gloss and my first thought was oh dear.. I hope it isn't gooey/sticky..
Comes in 6 matte shades
 from top to bottom : 01 In Love, 02 Blooming , 03 Blissful, 04 Sexy , 05 Groovy & 06 Wild

But I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were actually matte lipsticks, in liquid form!
Swatches under natural light!
Colour payoff is nearly 100% similar as what you see in the tube.
They claim to be kiss proof ( transfer resistant) , therefore i did a little "kiss" test with a cotton pad. As most girls know, normal lipsticks would leave a stain but this doesn't!
Transfer Resistant and therefore kiss proof! No more awkward lipstick stains on your cups/other half :p
Shade : 02 Blooming
The colours glided on real smooth on my lips and dried very quickly. I'm impressed!
Swatches on ma lips!
On a side note : Since it's matte it might show some of your "flaws" quite easily so remember to do a lip scrub beforehand!

So .. what's the magic behind all this "kiss proof" lippie?

3 Unique Technology : 
  1. Filming Polymer - Flexible film, adheres perfectly on the lips with an even finish
  2. Volatile oil - Long wear and filming properties enhanced, no transfer effect thanks to the extreme adherence 
  3. Gellified System combined with micronized pigments - Improves glide and comfort in application , imparts an extremely soft and velvety touch, sophisticated matte look , extraordinary pure colour release.
Wore shade #06 (wild) out to dinner with ma date.. and found it's extreeeeemely kiss proof ! *wink wink* Lasted me about 6 hours which was till I got home!

Well I suppose the only downside to this is that you won't be able to do the "note on napkin" with lipstick kiss thing ;) :p

Why you should try out the Brilliant Riche Lip Colour :

• Transfer Resistant

• Long-lasting

• Weightless, ultra-thin film

• Vibrant matte finish

• Intense rich, vivid shades

Also, it's formulated without Parabens, Frangrance, D5 or Talc.

 Interested? It'll be available from 21st July onwards at RM25 for 2.6ml/0.87fl.oz at all Elianto stores.

About elianto : 
A korean-inspired, trendy and affordable beauty brand that's international. Unlike prestige brands, elianto's resources are used in offering the best-quality products at the most affordable prices. Meaning 'sunflower' in Italian, elianto is a brand synonymous with gentle skincare products, enriched with nourishing and soothing botanical extracts, complemented by a vibrant range of colour cosmetics. 

For more info :
Official Website : http://www.elianto.biz
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/eliantoMalaysia

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