Rickho's Surprise Birthday Party

by - 8/18/2014 12:00:00 AM

This is one for our memories : 
As much as it unsettles me to lie to her , it was all worth it just to see her smile :p 

So we've been planning this surprise for awhile, decided to do it a few days in advanced so she wouldn't really suspect much. The plan was that I pick her up & get her to ferringhi garden(we chose this place because we all wanted to try it out - didn't know it was a popular birthday spot ! There were 4 tables around us celebrating as well ). And so I made up something about going out for a spa session ( I'm sorry, babe for getting your hopes up !) Fang & I were terrified that she'd get mad at us and ask to leave ! :/

Apparently up to the point when we passed Hard Rock I and announced that we were making a detour to ferringhi garden for dinner she started getting suspicious because I pretended not to know where it was and according to her - I was strangely jittery and fang & I were actually shouting at each other over the phone because we were nervous, she warned us that she didn't want a surprise that's why!
But when she noticed the table with the balloons(the very eye-catching R) and the others (Vaness , Laries , fang) she went like" I knew it ! I was so suspicious!" and throughout she did smile quite a lot :p so I guess we're good? heh.  

Pretty hard to get good shots in such a dark environment, so this is all I have!
Beauty and the cake :p

Cake provided by Vaness 
From top (left to right) : Vaness, Fang, Yours truly
Bottom : Laries , Rickho(bday girl!)

On a side note - the food was served really fast & taste wise it was quite satisfying (I had Mongolian beef- no pictures sorry 😅) But I'd go back for more. Watched Into the storm in Gurney after that - quite an okay movie? felt pretty realistic but kinda predictable but that's not the main point so moving on : 
Happy birthday to my beautiful, talented friend! 😁
May every passing year bring you all the things that you have wished for.
(saving mushy stuff for private conversations, go away guys :p hahaha jk )
<3 <3


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