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Hey guys.. So i'm back with the 'promised' post about our experience in Cameron.

So beforehand I'd just like to stress that this post isn't meant to discourage anyone from visiting/staying in the hotel .. and my friends and I believe that we were just unlucky at that particular point , or it might've been something that could've been explained naturally - I'll leave that up to you guys to decide.Also, I'm gonna keep this post as factual as I possibly can And it's basically gonna be an account from all the details I've gathered from our discussion about the incident.

So umm.. Keep an open mind I guess?
Our bedroom

Side note : Our room number was 1113. According to my granny .. If we had gotten 1114 we might not have been so lucky? ( pronounce the room numbers in Cantonese and you might know what I mean) .

 Anyways when we first got to our room we were quite surprised as it was quite spacious, and we got it at a pretty good deal. A suite for 300+ you're kidding right? Maybe we should've been more cautious about deals like that hahah.

So .. Gonna omit details about what we did cuz it's in the last post - fast forward to After we got back from Starbucks ; we decided to rest , so everyone showered, tucked in , went to sleep. Rickho on my right, Szeker on my left. Fang decided to sleep on the sofa which we moved in from the living room . Somehow all of us were a little uneasy about the window next to our bed . But i guess we were all tired so we didn't think as much?

Anyways I dozed off for about 15minutes - I checked my phone when I was woken up by the others,we decided to open the windows it felt super stuffy... fang was still in the living room playing games . So I offered to sleep on the couch instead , partially cuz I wanted to watch the space next to the window (gut feeling , don't ask me how.)

Dozed off again.. Quite uneventful . until fang woke me up,and I moved back on the bed; and also turned up the fan as well. I think it was around midnight? 12.15 .. Something like that. (I always check my phone ). Was trying to reply messages as well but cell reception was super bad, strangely - only happens in the bedroom.

So we said our goodnights and went to sleep. Rickho & I woke up to footsteps a few times , and we heard & watched( you can see the reflection in the mirror from the bed) the bathroom door close. Of course we were super spooked out , and both of us kinda felt a .. Presence ? Near the window. 

If you asked us why we didn't change rooms.. We just felt so drained and everytime we were woken up by "activities" we just fell asleep back after.. So yeah.

Things got worse after 2am . There was this sudden strong wind blowing outwards , to a point where u could see a human shape imprinted on the curtains . ( pretty impossible if you think of it logically, right? We're in a room with no windows opposite?) Rickho got mad and hit the curtains , I comforted her but things didn't get any better ; the damn thing was still being a nuisance. But we were so drained we just went to sleep . 

According to szeker, around 5am there were dogs howling exactly like in those ghost movies.. And she got really scared and ran to close the windows .. I guess that's only when we got to rest properly. 

The next morning when we discussed things.. Somehow we all knew that the presence was a guy. Szeker also said that she did talk to rickho when she walked over to her side of the bed - asked rickho to close the windows but rickho said "har.. Want meh?" . Okie - problem here? Rickho never crossed to that side.. Because everytime she got up, I would wake up shortly after . Prolly cuz I'm a light sleeper - and she herself would've known if she walked there right? Freaky... Heh.
We wanted to ask the receptionist about it , but she looked pretty drained and uneasy so we didn't afterwards. Still curious .. Tho.  Thinking back about the details . Before we went out in the afternoon , a group of staffs were standing outside 1114(next door) with a worried expression. Prolly cuz the door wouldn't budge or something , didn't think too much about it . And on our way back to the hotel , we saw an accident where a viva/myvi lost control and fell into the drain . We wanted to help but we were on the opposite lane .. So :/ . 

Ending this post with some eye candy to lighten the mood hahaha 
So... What do you guys think? Explainable or no? 

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