Bitten by The Travel Bug : Road Trip to Cameron Highlands

by - 9/07/2014 10:09:00 PM

Pretty sure you guys would've noticed from my Instagram updates that I was in Cameron highlands three days back. :p 
I think we're all upping our game in this birthday surprise thing. This time, we 'kidnapped' fang straight after our thursday class ended and I drove us straight up to cameron highlands. ahhaha  Of course, we wouldn't have been able to do it without her sister's help - she packed some stuff for her & I picked up before class.

So the evil rickho & szeker decided to fake out a fight to upset fang so she would be distracted until it was too late to turn back - which worked out perfectly! Initially I wanted to video her reaction when they told her where we were going, but I couldn't take out my camera in time and it was raining pretty heavily so I had to keep my full attention on the road :(
But anyways, the two lil actresses deserve an oscar(myself excluded because i kept bursting out laughing but that's very normal behaviour coming from me) because fang didn't suspect a thing!

As usual we stopped in Ipoh for chicken rice , lou wong because ong kee wasn't open again :/ sigh.

Then we began our journey uphill! Szeker was super hyped up along the way (love travelling with this girl, she's always so excited)

Hiii szeker :p
Our first stop after we settled in was cactus point, just a little way down from our hotel. Nothing out of the ordinary, i suppose, just bought some souvenirs (little cactus!hahhaa) and enjoyed the breeze and stuff.

Of course we got hungry, and there's no better time to have steamboat than on a rainy dayyy ;)
Went to O.K Tuck Steamboat restaurant - the price is pretty reasonable (RM15/pax) and mind you, the Chicken soup was soooo gooood!

We planned on going to the night market , but after we did some research on google did we realise that it's only held on fridays & saturdays. We went back to the hotel room to chill for a bit because there was nothing much to do since it was getting dark, most of the places were closing.. then we went out again because I realised that there was Starbucks in Tanah Rata and Rickho and I were having major cravings for green tea latte.We wandered around the shop lots as well for nothing better to do :p
No idea how this happened. :/ hahahah 
We bought strawberry socks as well! :p 

The next day after we had lunch at we went to rose valley.. For the flowers of course!

 Took so many pictures.. There's nowhere else to put em but here I suppose! :p

This is the only picture you'll see fang in! hahaha :p
Hello birthday girl
And then the lavender farm - which was at the top of my list actually!

Lavender ice cream! :p

There was also a section where you could pick your own flowers.. and strawberries as well but none of us were really in the mood.. so we skipped that part!

So we were asking around and the locals told us that the night market was open already, so we headed back up to Brinchang and walked about for a bit! Guess what we bought.. hahaha

Us with our super silly smiles - cuz we're obsessed with pretty roses!
Got them all at pretty cheap price too , steal! :p
So basically that was the end of our trip! As usual, we had a great time planning & had lotsa funnn even though it's ..(to some) a pretty boring place, but damn we sure do miss the weather up there :/

Hope ya had fun reading!

And oh yes, Happy (belated) Birthday Fang! I'm sure this is one celebration you won't be forgetting soon! :p 

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