Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More - Gig #5

by - 10/04/2014 10:07:00 PM


Hello guys! Got some exciting news to share with y'all but first things first :p

Attended the Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More event at Soho gastro pup in Precinct 10 last night and I gotta say, it was a lot of fun! I'm not really a stout person, but music makes everything tons better . :p 

Featuring performances from The Endleaves who hyped up the crowd and opened the show with their super high energy set.

Next up was Froya - a jazzy and slightly folky singer & her band whom I particularly loved . They performed a cover of "pumped up kicks" by foster the people as well.

And lastly, Kyoto Protocol (sure you guys recognise them from JinnyBoy's vids ahha) played two covers during the night, “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, which was nothing short of great and a huge fan favorite, “Its My Life” by Jon Bon Jovi.

Ah well.. This is actually their 5th gig and the 14 Malaysian talents, supported by international artists have been performing in 6 free admission gigs throughout the Klang Valley, Johor and the grand finale set to be held at KL Live, Kuala Lumpur, on Saturday 18th October 2014, the Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More Finale Show will feature Canadian band MAGIC! as the headline act and yes , I'm super hyped up because I won passes to attend the grand finale, so kl, here I come! 💕

*photos of the band with no watermark are by All is Amazing photography*

For more info visit - you can get your passes there as tickets for the Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More Finale Show will not be offered for sale;and once the ticket is earned it can be upgraded to a VIP pass, which entitles the holder to a Meet & Greet session with the artists, an exclusive Guinness Amplify t-shirt, and more.!

 I never imagined our local music scene to be so awesome, and I'm super thankful for this opportunity to attend and experience something new - thanks to Criz of course. Ending this post with a selfie as usual ;)

Till next time,

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