ASEAN Tourism & Fashion Fair 2014

by - 11/11/2014 04:25:00 PM

Hey peeps :) Sorry for the delay .. took some time to compile this post - lotsa photos. Heh. 
But anyways! Attended the very first ASEAN Tourism & Fashion Show held at AutoMall on the 8th of November :D
awesome that we got to see so many super cars hehe

First, about the food - Buffet servings by Bamboo catering 
finger food . They had a selection of local kuih too!
Waiting for my favourite satay . They had Ice Kacang, Rojak & Fried Koay Teow
Before the opening ceremony - they had a mock cheque presentation after speeches by Mr Leon Lee, ARFF National Chairman Dato Richard , Penang State YB Danny Law and G.O.H DCM YB Dato Rashid Hasnon.

Shortly after - they had an opening dance and the first fashion show began!
Followed by Organic Sense(one of the sponsors) product presentation.
They had a live band performing some songs by Maroon 5 & Bruno Mars as the show went on.
Vocalist - apparently he's quite good! 
This is my favourite collection , I believe
The dancers took the stage and opened the 3rd fashion show 

And we were treated to a Micheal Jackson performance!
Finally, it was the Jewellery fashion show with pieces created by Mr Ben Rongen .
Kraak Creations pieces - each piece is made from shards from historic artefacts.
Each unique & comes with their own certificate of authenticity. 
The night ended with the live band closing the show. I was pretty bummed that the rain ruined some things for us - but it was a pretty good experience. I especially loved the pieces that the designers came up with. Hopefully there'll be more events like this to come!

Btw some of my fashion shots were taken by Zhen Pei. Thank you so much. Don't know how I would've managed without him :p 

I'll be back soon! 

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