KL RoadTrip | Guinness Amplify Grand Finale

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I'll have to admit - this trip was kinda spontaneous. On the night i won the tickets (link here) we were still super doubtful that we could make it happen , but in the end somehow the plans all came together?.. Heh.Did it the road trippin way because I always prefer to have my own transport in KL :p

Day 1

Left Penang & stopped for DimSum at Foh San in Ipoh , and i gotta say..  Boy have I missed that place. Also hung out at Stan & Brew for a bit - pretty comfy !
The place opens pretty early - business hours from 7am onwards 
Then we visited Bread Espresso Dessert (B.E.D) . The place may not look like much, but trust me - They serve the best coffee.

I think theres some magic in this mocha. I keep craving for it ever since I got back! 
Moved on to KL after getting our coffee fix. For our stay.. I chose Grid 9 and it was quite pleasant. Initially, I was pretty attracted by the concept - They call themselves a flashpacker hotel . And the location was brilliant - just a 2 minute walk away from the Maharajalela monorail station.
No windows for our standard room - bathroom didn't feel too cramped and we had a good night's sleep . They provided toiletries & towels, which sometimes budget/backpacker hotels don't provide so plus points for that.  Hairdryer was available on request too - which made me pretty happy. Hair is very important to girls :3

After a quick nap & prepping and primping which I shall omit - we got to life centre after half an hour of traffic & trying to find parking space.. and we were finally in just in time to catch Dash opening the show.

Also checked out their bar - serving guinness stout of course during their short break
OJ Law continued with their performance - they were quite good! 
And then it was time for MAGIC! 

They brought us songs from their new album 'Don't Kill The Magic'. The lead singer was really entertaining to watch ;) 
They also brought us a cover of 'girls just wanna have fun' which had everyone singing along

I must say, the band was really friendly and down to earth! It's not often you see artists coming back after they've finished their performance to interact with their fans..
I wasn't close enough to get a handshake T.T
But here's a video of their closing performance - their hit single 'Rude'!

Day 2
We were super tired from the night before so decided to laze in bed hahah . But all too soon it was check out time :( so we went cafe hopping instead! Perks of having a barista as your travel partner.

Our first stop was Bread Fruits - upon my request because I've heard so many good things about the place!

Zhen Pei's Brunch pasta with 7-minute egg (RM 16.80). Tasted really light compared to restaurant versions which are very creamy and dense .

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Platter (RM 24.80). I loved the avocado salad and the scrambled egg was perfectly done just the way i like it  <3
Headed to publika to chill for a bit .. and I saw Mad about coco and immediately began running up the stairs hahah
fixing my hot chocolate cravings mine was milk chocolate.
Hopped on to The Gardens Mall to do a bit of shopping and had my favourite Ippudo Ramen for dinner before we left.

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And that pretty much sums up our trip! :) 

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