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by - 11/16/2014 02:38:00 PM

Helloooo lovelies (and guys perhaps) ,
Those who know me know of my love for arm candy - which all started when my sis gave me my first pandora bracelet as a Christmas present last year. But sometimes pandora isn't exactly .. Wallet friendly.

 So I'm here to introduce you to .. 'The bubble charms' ! 
Based in Singapore , they offer Pandora Inspired bracelets which are highly customizable. Material wise - it's made out of alloy/rodhium which of course is slightly cheaper than silver. But quality wise , with proper wear & care it's still as durable as the originals :) 

Pricing would be $6.50 for the bracelet & $3-4.50 each for the charms . (x approx 2.5 exchange rate) So a set like mine would be approximately RM100 .. Still seems kinda pricey right? But if we were talking about the original pandora , the bracelet itself would already cost RM259, and the charms start from rm 80-400 ? So you know.. It's even more pricey. hmm. Of course, not discouraging anyone from purchasing the original cuz I'm a collector myself - just offering an alternative :)

Doesn't it look exquisite ? <3
For those that prefer leather bracelets, they have them too !  You can also check out their charms album here ; and in conjunction with christmas - their xmas collection here

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So lastly, some deets for my readers , Quote my name [Gillian] to get free shipping when you purchase . And for more info , drop them a message on Facebook ! ;) 

Instagram : @TheBubbleCharms

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