Smirnoff Ice's Halloween Party

by - 10/31/2014 03:30:00 PM

Heyloooo peeps :p

Hope you guys had a spookylicious weekend. Of course, with Halloween over - it's time for an update on how I spent it !

I attended Smirnoff  Ice's 'Halloween In Space' Party on the 25th which was super awesome! If you might've been wondering.. where I was on the 31st - I was attending Hotel Jen's mingle night! but that's for another post ;) 

I did attempt to follow the galactic theme .. but failed because I couldn't find anything silver nor sparkly.. I did contemplate on panting myself blue for a moment there..(neytiri inspired) But decided against it because of the time consuming process.. so I went as plain ol me.

Well.. not exactly plain ol me lah. There was a face painting booth as well as free props which my friends and I decided to take advantage of.. So throughout the night I was switching between my devil horns & witch hat hahaha.

Picture Time!

A few aliens .. and hey - spot neytiri :p 

We also headed to the event tent to check out the games they had - won a few shirts & drinks too !
TQ partner in crime for being all manly and getting his hands dirty :p <3

Headed to Cuvee for some partying - 

I heard that they had these spookylicious props & mannequins made in KL and they tranported em all the way here!
of course, drink of the night - Smirnoff Ice which was just launched in Malaysia in July 2014 .

S stands for? *wink* Also headed upstairs to crash Shelyn's birthday bash hehe. Happy 20th Babe ;)
Some selfies/welfies to end the post 

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Twas a great great night!  #awesomehappens

Lotsa Love,

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