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by - 12/26/2014 08:28:00 PM

A continuation of our post-malacca journey - click here to read :)

Ahh.. the city where the haze chokes you in the morning and the lights blind you at night.
Can't tell you how good it feels(or felt,more like) to be back here again .

We stayed at grid 9 again - and this time we took the 'la familia' room which came with three single beds.

what girls do best - selfie! ;)
After chilling at the common area for a bit , we decided to head out for dinner!
here is lazy me :p I love the beanbags! gonna get em for my new place.

 I chose The Gardens mainly because it was close to Midvalley & we could have milkcow or magnum ice cream for dessert! They had really pretty decorations in conjuction with the festive season and naturally - we stopped for photos.

hahah silly girl 
But first , Ippudo Ramen ! because Jolene & my sister haven't tried the place ;)
And after dinner - we went to Milkcow! (yayyyyy)
queue was a little crazy - but their service was pretty fast, we waited for not more than 5 minutes. 
cute tree made out of macarons!
It's so good , I'm not kidding! I tried their signature which was the milky cube - and i loved it! I need to come back for more soon :/ Or they should open a store in Penang. Heh.
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We did some more shopping after , and as we were all pretty knackered , headed back to the hotel to rest! 

Our initial plan was to leave for Ipoh the next day , but we changed our minds and decided to extend our stay in KL for one more night. The staff at Grid 9 was pretty accommodating as well , initially we had to move to another room downstairs, but they made the necessary arrangements so we didn't have  to repack and move!

 Currently a very happy girl as I head (headed) to sleep.. 

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