Bitten By the Travel Bug : Malacca

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Heyyylooo peeps ;) Greetings from Malacca - currently drafting this post in my hotel room heheh.

Road Trip again! But this time with Jolene & my sister Anfanny. I can't say we weren't excited ... heheh . The whole journey took us about.. 5 hours (I think) - which was considered fairly quick .. it was tiring but I made it - so proud of myself haha jk >; But as I told ZP .. I really believe I can drive to Johor or even Singapore after this :p

This is actually my second time in Malacca - but the first was around 8 years back w/my parents. I don't really think it's changed much . Seems the same as I remembered ? With the additions of cafes & more malls I think - but I was really young ;P

okay, one photo. Just one . - October 2006 .
That's my aunt in the middle ; and allow a little self praise - my sis has really grown up to be a beauty :3
So, I picked this hotel that seemed really nicely furnished - I can't say I regret my choice, the pillows are really fluffy & the bed is so comfy - Swiss Heritage Hotel Melaka.

Merry Christmas! :p
Christmas Tree in the Hotel Lobby

But we saw some hotels along malacca river(Quayside?) & I think we would've loved the view T.T . s'okay - maybe next time.

Touristy shot! heh
We also went aboard the maritime museum - enjoyed the lovely river view !

Group Shot!

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After that it started drizzling so we went back to the hotel to chill for a bit . Then in the evening , we had dinner + dessert @ Nadaje Cake House in Mahkota Parade .
But honestly, the only two things worth mentioning are their cakes - 
Lemon Cheese & Praline Respectively 
And Ham & cheese sandwich (which Jolene ordered.) The other main courses were.. a no for me .

After that , we went to Dataran Palawan Melaka Megamall to do some shopping as well . Did buy a few clothes on sale - but not gonna show em here. Was pretty pleasantly surprised by the brands those malls carried - most had sales going on so we had a few good finds! 

Again, missed out on the Capitol Satay Celup as well . 

Day 2 
..was slightly boring due to super bad weather as it was raining quite heavily after we checked out . And honestly, nothing much to do if its not the weekends (Night Market on Jonker Street).
But first, we had breakfast at the hotel - they did serve a selection of local kuih , cakes and cereals +milk; as well as mee udang(hokkien mee, i presume) as well as nasi lemak . Apart from that theres nothing much. But the food was fairly decent! 

I decided to go cafe hopping - sadly mods cafe wasn't open . So we opted for The Daily Fix.
It's slightly "hidden" inside a batik shop located on Jonker Street. - But pretty hard to miss with all the handwritten signs!
Caramel Latte (top)
Mocha ( bear art)
Rose Latte (bottom) 
Of course, the obvious thing would be to get our caffeine fix at the cafe , right? But.. it was just okay :/
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Gula Melacca Cake - I kinda liked it !
 We wanted to go for Chicken Rice Balls , but due to the bad weather we didn't bother queuing & we left for KL !
But before leaving, we managed to pick up these cute & tasty egg shaped Ice creams!
From left : Strawberry, Mango , Green Tea & Red Bean . Mine was particularly tasty! Could smell the aroma of the green tea.

Honestly, I can't really believe myself - because everything was so last minute (I'm a bit of a control freak, I need everything to be perfectly organised - with the exception of my room ahaha) We did plan this trip but we only talked about it on and off.. and after my finals I just asked Jolene like, so.. are we still on for Malacca? Then she was like .. Yeah ok . So I told my mum (she's gotten very used to my flighty-ness) and I got the green light to bring my sister along! And so, here we are.. 

To be continued (KL Day 2 & Cameron Day 3),

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