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by - 12/31/2014 06:17:00 PM

Back when I occasionally updated my blog.. I used to start of my posts with.. "oh how time flies" - a little funny to look at.And now it just hits me .. this is the end of another year ; and it feels so overwhelming all of a sudden. Time really flies, it does.

It almost feels like a moment ago I was posting this on instagram, and now its the last day . Damn, really.
On a personal scale..this has been an "eventful" year with crazy road trips , cafe hops.. looking back, it did start out pretty boring.  I can't say my life has changed much because i might not be aware of it . I have a really short term memory - hahah.

But I did meet a lot of new people along the way, and I've had quite a lot of opportunities in the last quarter that made my blog(and life) all the more interesting and I'm really thankful for that.

On a larger scale, 2014 has been a year of loss (I won't elaborate much on this for fear of seeming 'insensitive').. But I really won't be missing this year.

Anyhow, there is so much to live for, yet — year after year — and most of the time, I see so many people joking about how they won’t bother with New Year’s resolutions because they know they won’t keep them. I've never made any because i try to act in the moment and not depend on future possibilities - but I will , try to:

  1. Live without regret and never look back. 
  2. Stay off my phone in the company of others.
  3. Learn to express my feelings better 
  4. Stop Procrastinating , Stop waiting. 
They seem quite relevant on a personal scale, don't they? But my only goal for 2015 is to be happy. Genuinely, Intensely Happy. 

Thank you for all the memories and lessons . Time to say goodbye to 2014.

2015. A new book with blank pages. 
Lets make it a bestseller ;)

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