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by - 12/08/2014 12:53:00 AM

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Finally! gone are the days where people will often stare at the phone in my hand , and some will even boldly ask.. "what in the world happened?!"

Hahahah well.. now you'll know . One fine day at work - I decided to charge my phone on a wall plug and somehow it slipped and fell from the piano top . And when i picked it up..

Yeah. It's been a few months, but I finally got a new iPhone. :) 
I got myself a transparent casing, just to prevent history repeating itself .. but gahh somehow during my sleep i managed to end up with this . 
No harm done to the phone though *breathes sigh of relief*
So i really can't stress the importance of having a good casing. Thankfully , i managed to get my hands on this casing from Otterbox.
It's part of the symmetry series which boasts military-rated drop protection without compromising on stylishness ;)
Okay, there's someone beside me who's begging for a drop test

 but I'm very sorry to disappoint .. 


More pictures? (yes :D ) 
Here's how the case looks like. 
It's a snug fit , feels very sleek - but not compromising on style & comfort as all the buttons are still accessible. (including touch ID- very handy) 
I love the dual material design (a synthetic rubber interior and external polycarbonate shell) , my phone won't slip from my hands easily - and it also serves to absorb shock and withstand drops .
Might be a bit of a hassle for those that's using the 30pin to lightning adapter. 
The part I love most would definitely be the raised bezel edge that protects the screen in case of a face down drop, it happens :/. 
It's also available in a myriad of other colors & prints!  - retails for RM 149.
There's also the Commuter series available for the iPhone 6 as well - retailing at RM 139 ; a two piece case that safeguards your phone from daily grind. 

Okay, if you've made it to this part of the post , I've got some good stuff for you guys .
I'm giving away This OtterBox Defender Series Casing (worth RM 189) - a triple-layer , ultra-rugged case for the slightly adventurous.  Side note: I got this for my mum two years back when i got her an iPhone 5. Nice to know that her phone didn't end up like mine :p 

Featuring a built in screen protector - the case has a protective membrane blocking debris, dust and grime - and a handy belt-clip holster . The Touch ID is still accessible though. 

*Note that all cases stated above are not water resistant .

a Rafflecopter giveaway Only the first two are mandatory - the rest will earn you more chances to be selected as the lucky winner! 

For more info , visit .

Enjoy ! Happy Holidays!

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