AO Klinik : Vampire Facial Walkthrough & Review

by - 3/08/2015 12:33:00 PM

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I suppose most of us would be rather taken aback at the thought of using one's own blood to undergo any form of procedure, but when AO clinic offered me (or my skin, for that matter) a chance at rebirth, I immediately jumped at it.

The Vampire Facial (also called PRP or ACR) is pretty intense. It involves extracting about 5ml of blood and spinning it in a machine, until the plasma separates from the blood. Once that's done, the doctor takes the plasma & using a micro needling device, re-injects it into your face. Think of it as tattooing.. your own face.. with your own blood. I find that easier to comprehend.

Some scientific facts: The platelets trigger the body’s natural healing process and the plasma draws stem cells to the treatment area to enhance your results.

Don't let that scare you. I would 100% do it again (and withstand the pain, yes.) because of the amazing results it rendered!I've suffered from large pores and acne scars since my teenage years, and the usage of makeup to cover up the ugly scars didn't really help my skin at all , either.

On to the treatment !
Numbing Cream was first applied
Jeez,  you can see my dull skin from here. 

 Then , my blood was extracted and placed into the spinning machine . The whole process from applying the cream up to extracting & spinning was about.. 20-30 minutes.

I'll not scare you with pictures of the micro-needling process because it was quite gory , but thankfully, Dr Han was very nice & kept checking on how I was during the whole process.

Tadah.. all done!
I had to keep the mask for about 3 hours after the procedure, and my family was a little taken aback by how I looked, too :p 

But on to the happy part : the after pictures!
From left to right : Day 1 - 4
I'd say I healed pretty fast. 
My pain tolerence is pretty high , but I'd say on a scale of 1-10 , the procedure was about.. a 6. and a minor 3, during the healing process.

I actually did this treament a bare 3 days before I embarked on my KL trip with le sis, so some would say I was cutting the down time a little close.. but as you can see (on day 4, my skin healed perfectly minus some minor redness)

My skin is definitely more radiant and youthful compared to before, and most of my scars are gone!

Thank you, AO Klinik ! :D

For more info ,

Visit Them at :
AO Klink (Penang)
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