Let’s talk ice cream.

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Artisan ice cream parlors have been  popping up over town, a natural sight, actually. Seeing that the ice cream (specifically soft serve) craze is the in thing.

I’ve had the opportunity to try a few notable “must-tries”, namely Milk Cow, Softsrve & Sangkaya.


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..was the first I’d tried. Queued for it, too! It was during our December’14 Malacca-KL roadtrip, now I remember..heh. blogged about it here  (wayyy before my move, yeah). I remembered it being deliciously smooth, with a dense milky flavor. The honey wasn’t cloyingly sweet, but wasn’t really a fan of the gummy-like texture of the honeycomb, so on future purchases I switched to the liquid honey instead. Went back for it a few times (during the trips back and forth like I mentioned in my last blog post *sheepish grin*)

The taste, tho, somehow isn’t as nice anymore. I tried it sometime last weekend when I was back at the Gardens to do some shopping..:(

was launched in February 2015. Somehow it didn’t really occur to me to go try it out until I saw that they had cereal milk flavors (!!!) . Maybe it’s cuz I’m not really a fan of chocolate? I dunno.
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Anyway, family came down to visit on a weekend (my second week in KL , I think) . and we were just done with shopping & early lunch, but it was too early to be dropping them off for their flight. So.. I decided to make a detour and surprise my sis ! :p Had to wait in the car though, there were no seats inside, and there was quite a queue! So I had my first taste of the cereal milk ice cream ( the one with chips & honey – I’ve short term memory loss, I can’t remember the name right now) and I fell in love :D

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On my second visit I decided to try the deep chocolate range..I was right about the chocolate flavor though, wasn’t really my kinda thing.. But I loved the churros, it adds a crunch (pun intended) to the overall experience - They were brilliant! Crispy upon each bite and sprinkled with cinnamon! OH, and shoutout to The Tapping Tapir , their flavored sodas infused with herbs and spices are .. ingenious

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I also tried the oolong tea (pop up flavor) and I loved it ! It’s very light, on the sweeter side, but you can smell the aroma of tea leaves in every scoop. (don’t take it away, please!)

The smokey dry ice effect is definitely cool to behold, helps keep the ice cream from melting too fast, too . Such thoughtfulness :D But, it dies off a little too quickly:( 

Softsrve Ice-Cream & Dessert Bar
31, Jalan SS21/1A , Damansara Uptown, PJ.
Open: 11am to 11pm.
Closed on Mondays.
More info on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/softsrve

Sangkaya.. (c-o-c-o-n-u-t) don't ask me why
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Everyone has been raving about it , SO MUCH! Colleagues, instagrammers, fellow bloggers and such. So, this was an unintentional discovery for me , actually. I was at Nu Sentral for a movie, and while le partner and I were walking around looking for dinner.. I spotted the signage and got all excited :P (well, their tagline is nuts about coconuts anyway) .

So, after dinner at The Gravy Factory..I decided I needed a little pick me up from the disappointing meal we had(excuses! :p) and made a beeline for sangkaya.

I tell you ah…. It really was worth it loh..

I finally understood why everyone loved it. I’ve tried coconut ice cream in penang, but they’re slightly mild and not as coconut-y? But Sangkaya’s is so creamy and smooth, it kinda feels too good to be true !

You get to choose from an array of toppings like dried coconut, Corn, red beans, Nestum(I think) flakes, peanuts, cornflakes after the ice cream (4 scoops for signature) is served to you in a coconut (bowl?) . For 9.90 I felt I got my money’s worth! I went back 3 days later and spotted a thai tea flavor. That’ll be on the must try list next time. ;)

Cravings fixed 
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More in part two, because I just spotted a few posts about Negative Celcius – MACARON + ICE CREAMMMM ! . But I heard they sell out really quickly, so this visit is gonna have to be thought through & planned (I sound like I’m going to war, lol) but anyway, more next time!

Toodles ;)

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