Moving out, and then some.

by - 5/20/2015 03:55:00 PM

Hello peeps! *brandishes feather duster* Dusting off the cobwebs to this blog, like finally.It really has been a crazy period, Spent the last few months trying to tie up loose ends and putting bits and pieces together.

So.. an update on life? I'm based in KL now, for my internship (yours truly is now working in Ogilvy Malaysia) & degree which will (tentatively, possibly?) start in a few months.

I spent nearly every weekend in February travelling back & forth between KL/PG on interviews for internships. The funny thing is.. I never once thought I'd make it. Until  the offers came and it was time to choose.. only then it hit me. By that time it was already March.. so a whirlwind of hunting began (yet again) for accommodation etc. However, I still didn't have enough time. So my first week in KL was spent in a hotel, and mum flew down the second day to help me (continue) my house-hunting. heh.

It wasn't easy, moving out. The first trip down, driving alone was a little emotional, a little scary.. even though the journey was familiar, I've done this countless times before, but never alone.

Thank you, mummy dearest ; because I know nothing I have today would've been possible without your support.

Anyhoo.. those that have been following me on Instagram know that I still make frequent trips back to Penang to see my family & catch up with friends. If you ask me, it's almost as if every time i go back there's another new cafe popping up somewhere. I can never keep up with my #cafehoppg adventures, lol. But I have to say this, sorry penangites, but KL cafes are nicer :p. 

So.. back to life in KL. got my own studio apartment, heh. The homeowner did up the place pretty well, and I fell in love with the place as soon as I stepped in.. The facilites are really nice too, recently theres a new park complete with a new gym, haven't had the time to check it out yet, but I will.

I'll add my own touches soon, which has white sheets on the list ! been really obsessed with them as of late, heh.
The pool :D
Started exploring home cooking too (mummy must be exclaiming .. FINALLY!) there , but baby steps , I'm doing pretty well, I think :p.

Joint effort ;) I baked the mushroom & potatoes. Not too bad, right? hahahah

So it's nearly been a month since I've turned 21 now, and I think with age.. Birthdays don't really signify much any more. Still, a heartfelt thank you to all those who wished me , and to FM and the silly lot , thanks for surpising me even though you guys were miles away. Michael, thanks for the lovely celebration dinner, and for many other things which will be for our eyes and ears only .. :p 
As for the fam.. Heartfelt thanks, as always, to those dearest to my heart.

My previous Sony NEX- 3N has gone all funky, so I'm trying to get it fixed when I can. I really do miss the quality.. Iphone 6 does have a great camera, but for low-light shots I need more. Heh. But rest assured I'll keep this space alive ;)

Ending this post with a shot I took during my visit to Bora Bora @ Sunset last weekend.

20 years in Penang and it was my first time there, can you believe?! :p

More soon, I promise.

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