My Vika Nail Tea Party

by - 7/08/2015 03:31:00 PM

Hewo peeps!

I consider myself a pretty low-maintenance girl, and I've always been a fan of gel manicures - they're quick, they're practically bulletproof, and the shiny, glossy color won't budge for at least two weeks (heck, my gel manis have lasted me a month or two in the past! )  The only thing is, with work and all, I've never had time to get my regular mani/pedi sesh:(

But.. VIKA is here to help ! Founded in Korea, fairly new in Malaysia, VIKA's nail jam(s) are basically gel stickers which you can use to DIY your very own gel manicure! It's so easy even guys can do it ( you'll see why I say that later *smirks* ). Boasting various styles ranging from loud & bright colors, to demure girly designs , changing your manicure designs could very well be as simple as changing clothes in the future :p

Special thanks to TAP by seeties & VIKA for having me at the nail tea party held last weekend.

Each blogger was given a gel nail kit -
which consisted of a mini LED Lamp , Nail Tonic , Gel Nail Coat & Cleansing Wipe

We were also allowed to choose our favorite design for the nail sticker :

I chose a lace-y white & pink one aptly named cherry lace ; though I'm not really a pink fan - but who doesn't like lace? heh

Cheryl giving us a short introduction on Vika

Before we attended the event, we were asked to bring our partners (aka boyfriends) along . I was pretty surprised, and we finally found out why!

Heh. After a short demo by Cheryl, our bfs were put to work by helping us complete our manicures! :p

It really was easy, once you'd gotten the hang of applying the nail jam on your finger !

Step 1 : Him helping me apply the nail tonic (for nail strengthening )
Step 2 : There you go ! first look at what the nail jam really looks like ! just wrap it around the nail and trim off the excess bits with the nail file!
Step 3 : Apply the Gel Top coat
Step 4 : Cure with the mini UV light (activates on touch ! :D )

All of us in action!
After about an hour of (hard?) work .. My pretty nails were complete! :p

They look pretty decent, eh? Post curing, I was pretty in awe.The plus point was, it had designs on it , and I didn't have to sit for hours! :P 

Picture time - Proudly showing off our nails, heh !
Photo credits to - she attended the event too ! 

Vika's pop up store is currently based in Pop Martket @ Jaya One, and when in doubt, just look for Cheryl! 

Ending this post with a picture, as always : 
With Audrey!Senior Community Manager of Seeties & blogger at  When 2 meets 2!

For more info, check : 

PS : They're also running a promotion whereby liking their page or follwing them on instagram (click here) will entitle you to a 15% discount!
Also, for em gals that wanna check out Vika Nail Jams for themselves, here's an event for you :

Best Friends Forever Vika High Tea Party
Location : TBC
Date 25th July 2015
Time : 2pm
Fee : RM128 (2pax)

RSVP on MyVika's FB Page

Be back soon! xx

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