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Hewo peeps!

For those who have access to my (plethora of) social media accounts would instantly know .. I was at Us The Duo's showcase held sometime in May :D !

After a quick bite at the curve, we made our way inside the Bentley Music Auditorium . Of course, not forgetting my giveaway winners first .. :p

The amount of people there were overwhelming, and the excitement was contagious .

Shoutout to Universal Music Malaysia & Tap by Seeties for securing me VIP tickets .. because I got to see the action up close ! :D

Jinny Boy opened the show by properly hyping up the crowd , and we were entertained during the giveaway session where three groups of fans were asked to come on stage and sing .

Of course it was all a ruse, and all three pairs "won" themselves a signed poster of Us The Duo  :p

The lights dimmed , and the duo opened their show with a slow intro to their very own single : Make You Mine.
Their chemistry on stage was evident , this was a couple that was truly in love.
#relationship goals!!! 

They continued with a cover of Michael Buble's Sway , but my favorite part was an unplugged version of Meghan Trainor ft John Legend's Like I'm gonna lose you 

I still get goosebumps listening to this .

Next up was a live version their famous mashup - Top hits of 2014 in 2.5 minutes .. and I was properly wowed by Michael's piano skills & Carissa's powerful vocals at this point..

During the short break and Q&A session , one lucky fan took the opportunity to ask for a picture on-stage with the duo ! I think the others were bursting with jealousy .. :p But she was really cute!

Time flew, as it was just a music showcase .. And the duo closed the show with their hit song - No Matter where you are .

All too soon, the show came to an end :(

Everyone gathering round for a selfie ! :p 

There was a post-event autograph session in which fans got the chance to meet & greet the duo..
hah, i swear they were looking right at me! :p 
There really were no words to describe #themfeels during the showcase . It was a warm experience, but there's no denying that the showcase left us wanting to see more of them ..

I also had the chance to interview them on Tuesday at the Pullman Hotel !

Watch the full interview here ,  from +TianChad Chen 

They were such fun people to be with , but all 5 of us only had 15 minutes to interview them.
Still, I'm grateful (and starstruck) to be able to connect on a personal level and of course, learn more about this talented duo .

Psst : insider news ! They're looking at holding a full concert in Malaysia .. perhaps sometime next year. Whoppie! :D

Special credits to Tian Chad , Thank goodness for him who thought of videoing their performances and the interview, My phone kept running out of space so i could only do short updates on Snapchat.. and my Sony is still in the 'hospital' (sponsorship, anyone? a short loan would do.. too. JK! )

Check out his channel here ; his blog here ; and show some love for his fb page here . After all, he's one of the reasons our memories at the showcase are immortalised.. :)

Ending this post with a selfie ( like I always do ..)

came out of an interview with Us The Duo feeling like I wasn't in one - the best kind ! | gilliannong.com
Posted by Gillian Ong on Monday, July 6, 2015

As always, xx

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